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Putin says 'there can be no winners in a nuclear war and it should never be unleashed'

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  1. Idk either but many non Kodak b and w film brands are actually produced by ilford

  2. Like for money or just as a hobby???

  3. I like the scene very much. I have been there and I took a similar shot, albeit on my phone as I was in a “why use anything but my phone for photography” phase

  4. And how is that determined what is better and worse?

  5. Damn. I've seen how my buddy's dogs get scared during storms, but horses? I've never thought about the frights of thunder for them. That's kind of nuts!

  6. I guess when you used to live on open planes you kind of like to avoid thunderstorms

  7. She's pretty much said she brings it for panic attacks. I dont think anyone's said it was planted.

  8. Sorry pal. She’s guilty. Doesn’t mean that it’s handled appropriately and a fair sentence - but they’ve got it on video, she’s admitted to it and says that she thought it was ok with her stateside prescription.

  9. De jure she is guilty because the court said so that’s right.

  10. If the question aims at the build quality I can’t answer it because I haven’t shot this particular lens.

  11. At our table the gods would honor the usage of such weapon with a fitting present for the wielder

  12. Only way that will happen is if it can be proven to the venture capitalists that combating climate change will return more on their investments than continuing to exploit and pollute the earth of its resources

  13. No. It has to be shown to the leaders of the USA that battling climate change is strategically necessary in order to stay the only super power in the world for the foreseeable future

  14. Depends on which inquisitor you better not ask

  15. Somehow the political is only important to you when it’s about Israel

  16. Every state I have lived in has had closed primaries. So you cannot already do that. I registered as an Independent and couldn't even vote in primaries. I could vote in primaries in only the party's that I was registered for.

  17. The primaries are about who gets to be in the vote not the vote itself.

  18. I know. But you need a party affiliation to vote in them. So you inevitably have to vote against your own interests if you don't tow the party line. I don't tow any party lines.

  19. Of course you got be affiliated with the party to vote in its primaries. It’s about who gets nominated for the vote by said party.

  20. People were very afraid if strategic gas warfare was going to happen at the dawn of WW2.

  21. Wow really cool picture, I love this forms and structures photography

  22. Iirc when you roll characteristics you roll 2d10+20 which can’t be more than 40

  23. I really wish I had the lens to try that on d time too

  24. Look into vintage lenses. Cost no more than pocket fluff for a 400/6.3 or 500/8. 400/5.6 can be under 100, too.

  25. I think it's intentional. They're not meant to be equivalent options; you are frequently better off with an autogun than a hunting rifle. No one argues gang leathers aren't sufficiently balanced vs power armour. On the other side of things, pull the trigger on a storm bolter and see how much of your monthly stipend just exited both barrels.

  26. The point is the autogun is more accurate on full auto than on semi auto

  27. I don't find it a valid point to say every option available to every weapon should always be a worthwhile choice. It ignores you might not have or want to fire off ten bullets at a time. Options can be situational, without saying they're shit and need to be rethought.

  28. Op asked regarding a specific combat mechanic

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