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Boston dynamics 30 years of development that led to their robot Atlas

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Hands down the best actor in the entire genre. He really nails the part. I know that Mark and Harrison and Carrie are very good, but the craftsmanship of this actor is unparalleled. Don’t we just love to hate him.

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  1. So you see a fire and smoke blocking the road and said, sure I'll drive through that...

  2. No one is gonna bring up the fact the meme says llt ... twice?

  3. I haven't got the Amazon free bundles since I started claiming them. Took a new claim every month plus back and forth emails for them to activate in account, once it took over 2 months. They are getting better recently. Wish they would solve it. Hey its free so I will keep emailing

  4. Try meetup app, plenty of things that people get together & have fun. Games, outdoors...

  5. Guy teasing robot with hockey stick will be first to die to the robot uprising

  6. The zavod night map was peak battlefield. I really wish they'd continued exploring night time maps after that

  7. They did make a Golmud Night map but was never released because of issues on last gen - because it couldn't work on old consoles they wouldn't release it. Search on the tube for some videos of CTE playtest

  8. If your on pc add me, my tag is same... ill run thru with ya

  9. In mid 50's never had kids. Met a woman we are just friends who has 3 about 18 years ago, was just at wedding of her youngest - those kids have been my family for years. I was lucky to be gifted children

  10. Miss sitting in my easy chair playing Commander on my tablet 😕

  11. I play battlefield 2042, because i enjoy it. We are completely different.

  12. I enjoy it even though my computer barely runs it... it stutters & lags during fire fights but I can't wait to get a new gpu

  13. Games used to be made for pc then ported to console now they are made for next gen console & ported to pc...

  14. Or the preacher told the kid, "bite down on this it'll hurt less."

  15. OP , NASCAR models are encouraged ... btw fantastic work they look great!!!!

  16. So cool OP, thats a great thing to do! I still remember the #30 Pennzoil car he drove in cup. Was a fan cuz I was pumping gas at a Pennzoil station back then. 😆

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