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[I ate] Chicago Deep Dish

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  1. When me and my friends crack someone's lock, we never change the code. We just steal small barely noticeable things.

  2. He’s a complete asshole. He stopped a show in Detroit in 1990 because there was a pit.

  3. Fugazi stopped all their shows when the crowd got out of hand.

  4. When fugazi played, did they jump on people's heads or something? Did they assault their fans? What rules did they enforce on the crowd but break themselves?

  5. I had some friends who worked as valets for a while and it’s true. All of it. They go through everything, steal whatever they can get away with an joyride in the nicer cars. Use the valet at your own risk.

  6. When I first started playing, berezino was PVP all the time.

  7. Look. I appreciate the downvotes, but it's either shoot or be shot.

  8. Ok, I know this looks like insurance fraud, BUT...if you look (you can't see because OP didn't have the camera far enough to the right) it looks like the Altima changed lanes, and a car to his right (the black/grey one you can see changing to the right just as the Altima goes into the right lane) swerved back into the Altima's lane, and the Altima had to swerve. Towards the end of the video, you can see it looks like there is a stopped white car in the right lane.

  9. Americans and outlander is such a funny combination. There's always those ones who turn up and say that William Wallace or Robert the Bruce was their great times something grandfather and that they've come home to claim their clan ancestry or some such bollocks

  10. There was one like last month in the subdeddit Scotland

  11. "Cope and seeth" a ridiculous statement right out of the Trumper chud universe.

  12. Anecdotally, before COVID my wife and I would go to flea markets, charity shops, boot sales etc in England and Scotland and I never once saw pyrex in the wild. JAJ is a bit of a white whale for me.

  13. History has shown time and time again, fascists will do anything to hold onto power.

  14. I didn't put too much onions in the sauce.

  15. I can't speak for other things but I am highly impressed by the NYC H+H system for their COVID response.

  16. When I search my Google photos for "cake" it returns pictures of the deep dish pizza I ate in Chicago.

  17. Not too sick to post on social media. If I was that sick it would be the last thing on my mind.

  18. Oh hey everybody look! It's a ban evading account by some jackass who has been banned and came back butthurt to shitpost...

  19. Fully vaccinated, and boosted, but booster was back in Oct. And I'm not eligible for a second booster.

  20. I think everyone from that era has a set of liberty coins.

  21. Float a layer of TP on the surface of the water. Not a big blob, t like, lay them flat. It's like a turd safety net and prevents splashback 99% of the time.

  22. "The worst thing we could let happen is let our guard down, so continue to remain vigilant so we can move forward safely through this pandemic."

  23. I didn't let down shit. I've been a hermit for the past 2 years

  24. Wife positive today. Probably in the mail for me. We had avoided it for over two years. Also, we are near 100% masked in public spaces with kn95 or better. Only exception is wife eats in the office at work.

  25. Yes, more than I'd like to admit (maybe a few times over there many year career of being professional :3's but still I'd rather it be 0). Normally I show that I am also upset and did it on accident and apologize profusely and give them lots of gentle pets and maybe a treat.

  26. Thanks. Oh, yeah I wish I have never stepped on her, but she really does entangle herself in my legs/feet a lot even when I'm just walking. Or, she will come up and stand right near my feet but behind me and I step backward and shes already under my feet. I figured she would have learned to keep some distance because it's happened before but she keeps doing it. I just hope she knows I don't do it intentionally and that I won't one day actually hurt her.

  27. My cat walks at my feet a lot. She also rubs up on my legs a lot. So, I end up stepping on her (feet, nothing else so far thankfully) probably once every couple of months. So sometimes she just yelps a little and runs, sometime she hisses and snacks me.

  28. Use the bottom of your shirt or a sleeve. Or bring some TP from the stall.

  29. When you use your sleeve all you're really doing is putting germs on your sleeve where they will remain until the shirt is washed.

  30. I use specific parts of the sleeve or shirt. You can even try to elbow it. You do not touch those parts of your clothing with your hands, and these are my work clothes so they are washed frequently. It is not like the handle is covered in literal feces, it is fine. I seen railings covered in fences, and the coworker I was with who touched it thought I was weird for always wearing gloves in public lol.

  31. "It is not like the handle is covered in literal feces"

  32. What happened, got bored in the echo chamber over at truth social and parler? Came here to make edgy posts?

  33. Over-stating the risk for vaccinated people, is an anti-vax position.

  34. Growing up, my sister and I would get tonsil stones, we had no idea what they were so just called them "throat cheese".

  35. Yeah I'm in my 40s and I haven't had one in probably 20 years or so. The smell is something you'll never forget.

  36. Lol. You're the one who brought up this shit. Take your own advice, dumbass.

  37. To be fair, I made the original comment. And yeah that poster seemed to understand my sentiment.

  38. How did the cameraperson not even look at the driver?

  39. It looks like he has a captain America decal on his car.

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