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  1. RFK Jr. is a piece of shit who tormented his children’s mother to committing suicide. He’s got dangerous anti-vax views & had those views way before Covid.

  2. And not one of those boys could be named after Alex who’s bank rolling the whole operation because…

  3. He just needed someone to help him look like a family man so he could throw his hat in the ring for a political career shift and look less of a racist homophobe (the more the hate the more the closeted homosexuality). She could have been anyone. The remarkable averageness of Hilly Vanilly had zero influence one way or another to him. If you desire the same sex, attractiveness or lack thereof of the other sex matters not. However, surely he didn't mean for 7 fucking children to come of this shit show when he propped Genevieve or Hill-arrhea. A bitch is crazy but he's not that unhinged. Or at least, he wasn't back then.

  4. Omg why?!?? What is this fool doing??? Can’t he step away from the bullshit. Please wait as I get my bleach and stabbed my eyes before he rambled on & on. I hope triplets are on the way, I would enjoy seeing this guy being drained in every way. From the Fraud wife that hangs on and looks like a Vampire to the chaotic and noisy house they all claim to live in.. Please let Justice and Karma get this clown off of SM. It just never ends. We know Hilary must be giddy getting ready for the THE BIG LIE. This is going to be a master piece from hell. I better save my Vodka for what’s to come. Can’t Pee Paw change his uniform?!? And does the public need to hear from this smug, obnoxious has been? The Hamptons are probably going to have a parade that these two phonies are leaving town. Back to the drab beige NY apartment unless they are planning some elaborate scheme in Vermont. I had to turn the sound off… I can’t even listen to this hubris ignorant slob.

  5. Missing Richard Simmons, everyday. If he only knew how much we miss him. 😢😢 I can’t deal with this nutcase at all. Pushing innocent children at these tender ages into these awkward situations is so self serving. Violet is another Hilary but a complete idiot as well. I guess attention seeking parents will one day have to deal with lots of issues when children grow up and are burden with mixed messages. Did Violet not get enough attention growing up??? So disturbing to see parents actually making their children’s life more confusing. Go away Violet. Find a therapist ASAP and work it out. We get it, you have money. Great now use it and try to straighten out your life.

  6. I’m almost the same age as Alec Baldwin. I would rather drag my eye across a splintery log than to have to live in an apartment with six children.

  7. Yes, i think it's an established fact that Baldwin has his own apartment, where he can lie on his bed and ramble on for hours into the emptiness about the career he has now lost, the people he has worked with, the conductors, writers, scientists who all bowed down in deference to his superior intellect but now who never phone. There's only one compassionate soul who understands his anguish and keeps in touch. Woody Allen.

  8. Anybody with two functioning brain cells would know better than to do what they’re doing. Anybody with the least bit of emotional intelligence would know better than to try to live such a public life after having been so publicly outed as being a liar. How mentally ill do you have to be to keep up with this bullshit? To paraphrase a comment I saw in the daily mail “if Alec Baldwin can feel any shame, he should be ashamed of his wife”.

  9. I don’t know how to link it.. I know it was in The New York Post on Friday Sept 2

  10. When you post there’s a section for a link or you can copy/paste into the text, as well. I was just trying to post a pic and link in another sub and it took me forever, as I kept getting error messages! Such a pain!

  11. I really just can’t deal with this psycho anymore. These poor kids being used as Young Twin Probs is so disheartening. Hilary is severely mentally unhinged & is going to get worse once the new fake twins arrive. I don’t believe these two toddlers are going anywhere except around the house. They have no schedule or stable routine. Everything is staged & the older kids look like hostages locked in a house with no love, attention, respect or care. This bitch with the Madonna Fetish that has been pushing this narrative for so long, isn’t capable of any maternal instinct. Every kid looks stressed out, and unhappy. I don’t understand why Hilary thinks being pregnant for the 12th time is even news worthy…. Her husband is an old, washed up murderer and she is whacked out showing us her fraud life. It’s 2022 it’s not an achievement to have 18 children. It’s even worse that you expose them and make them perform for you to the point that DCFS should pick up all the kids and remove them from you and Baldwin. This new fake pregnancy is comical. Photo shoots and bathing in milk are absurd. Hilary’s day of reckoning will come. Sadly, it will be at these children expense. Children grow up & I can’t see any sense of normalcy in any of their lives. Pushing these two as twins is something only a psycho could think of. Damaging all these children is a sin. I have NEVER ever seen Hilary display any authentic love and compassion for her kids. The harm she does will affect them forever. Baldwin is no better. Get ready for what’s coming…. Throwing these props out and make way for the new incoming fakes. There are no words for what’s to come. Shame on them!!!

  12. Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Excellent job!!! 🥇👏🏻🏆🥒🥒

  13. In his interview with Stephanopoulos and other places, he said things: she was all business and was directing. She kept making him repeat takes in rehearsal. He falsely claimed she was his friend. Fake cried about killing her. Faked feeling remorse on side of road. Lied about pulling trigger. Refused to help her or Joel. Lied about thinking she fainted while they both cried out in agony, and she bled out on the floor from massive bullet hole. He immediately started pointing finger after pulling trigger. He fled. He crept around outside chapel like a creep at scene of crime. He villainized her widower, weaponized the son with PR hug and breakfast with a killer. Was rudeAF to widower. Tried to resume shooting movie. Dressed up for fun horrific Halloween photoshoot 11 days after killing her. Refused to raise money for the son, or give money to family. Refused to admit guilt, remorse, or ANY responsibility for shooting her dead. Paid PR to attack the innocent. Etc etc

  14. We are still “in the times of Covid” — it’s never not been a pandemic and the new vaccines are available.

  15. Baldwin is the Biggest Queen!! This arrangement that he signed up for isn’t working out as planned. The hot wife who is talented and maternal!! (Hilary is NONE of those things) He thought that the fraud would be able to take the lead & he could take some time to himself. Maybe go under cover and go on a proper date with a man. We all know he goes both ways….. The grift tries so hard to be sexual in every way but she is so asexual that nothing works. She just looks creepy, crazy and dumb. Maybe she has that on him…. Both are abusive and mentally ill. Those poor kids are so going to be so messed up…. It’s like living in a house of horrors. What a 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  16. I cannot come up with one part of this whole 🤡 🎪 that isn't explained by A being in deep denial about his sexuality.

  17. A is in deep denial about a lot of things. Thus the behavior & hubris that he displays every day.

  18. When exactly is Karma coming for them???? Isn’t this enough for anyone with a brain and a heart? You murder an innocent young woman, and then make a spectacle of yourself and your kids. Never acknowledging the pain you caused and continue with your life and use her name to put the blame on her? These two sick, disturbed, mentally ill people just continue on… And now we get the pleasure (or horror) of welcoming a new fake baby or babies… When will Justice be Served.. They make me want to vomit everyday 🤮🤮🤮

  19. Baldwin is an old, vapid Queen. Wifey is home doing funeral photo shoots. And here he is at the US Open living for The Gram again. Back in the day, Pee Paw would line up with all the famous celebs, and attempt to look sharp. Now he is looking like an aging bitter Queen..👑👑👑👑 These two are truly amazing. They have NO SHAME. Hilary is doing her Valley of the Dolls photo shoot for The Gram. By the way she looks about 50 and probably smoked 4 packs of cigarettes to get that “Look at Me” I am in a repose position with my 18 kids no where in site. Baldwin of course is a fool and decides to post a tasteless, classless pic which he actually deleted because he is nothing but an asshole. Are these two dummies ever going to be cancelled? WTF??????? How much more can we take? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  20. What a Whiny Little Bitch….. It will never end with Pee Paw… He will continue his charade forever… His despicable character will be on display always. Whine, complain, nasty, rude, spoiled, smug …… He is a failure. Fail 🤡🤮

  21. I’m literally shocked to see so many people practically sucking his anus on the comment section of his post. They are just as low as him. Making comedy out of a person’s death is another level of trashy-ness.

  22. Someone bleach my eyes!!!!!!! Hilary go away, stop digging up pics of when the GRIFT was in over drive. These pics are so ridiculous that I would burn all copies. Look at these poor props working it the best they can. Ugh the clown 🤡🤡🤡show.

  23. Actually this was their first public event post-Griftmas. The red-carpet interviews were super tense, her face was a mess and she was high af, and Alec looked like he wanted to set her on fire lol. I'm really surprised she posted this.

  24. Oh wow, thanks for the info! I do remember that the whole thing was a mess!! 👍🏻🥒

  25. Kim is and was a Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A classic Hollywood Star with talent, looks and a true professional. Hilary is an embarrassment with zero talent, not one ounce of class and a fraud. Alec and Hilary were met for each other. Whatever Star qualities he had, are gone. He is a pathetic aging phony liar. The two abusers deserve each other. Karma is a wonderful thing, when it catches up and I am all here for it.

  26. Ok Baldwin I know you live for The Gram.. Who is wasted???? Should we care that your “privileged” kids went to school? We know they don’t follow a routine. There seems to be no rules or accountability in your chaotic home. Again, aging demented Baldwin showing us the poor people, how hard it is to parent 18 children along with the 10 Nannie’s and the crazy, delusional wife. Listen you dumb ass, I don’t know who your followers are… are they bought or just bots… How anyone could see anything remotely loving or caring about you just makes me cringe. Aren’t you the one that murdered a young woman and the second you shot her, you ran out of the church?!?!?? Your only worry was yourself. I don’t know anyone Man or Woman that wouldn’t rush up to a bleeding woman and help or show concern. Only you, you had to get away from the crime scene so you could call your lawyer. ASAP. I only pray that Matt and his young son, who started school today without a Mother. Drain you financially and continue to ruin your livelihood. You are a coward and a horrible human being. How anyone could stomach your interviews, puff pieces and Instagrams is beyond me. I just look at you in disgust.

  27. She got OFF the Gram…… Now we see a picture that seems very shady… Why would Hilary get off The Gram? She lived for it and posted 40 times a day or more… Who would even call her? She had no friends. Those 2 don’t parent. All they do is live for the phone. Maybe this fake birth needs extra attention… You know it’s going to Earth Shattering. She must be on a Super High preparing all the lies. This is going to be huge!!!!!

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