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  1. It's probably so far down the list on Netflix's to-do list that it's on page 20.

  2. No, the Chaos Comics were not good at all. They are easily the worst Halloween expanded universe material we have.

  3. Literally everything the dorks at Halloweenies whined about. You can tell they really thought they had something with their criticisms and were shocked when it was universally praised.

  4. I mean american school kids experience mass murder on a daily basis. I'm sure non of them ended up living in a bunker.

  5. Heard from a great source it follows a new character the inherits Michael's evil as evil is passed to him

  6. Adding your username so that I'll remember it, since in October it'll be [DELETED].

  7. I know this is slightly off topic but I’m so excited to see someone talking about Never Hike Alone. I personally am not big on fan made films but this one is a masterpiece.

  8. My brother teared up at the scene with Dustin and Eddie Uncle and Eddies death. I cried at Eddies death, Max being partially vecnaed, Dustin and Eddies Uncle, and El reuniting with Hopper lol. (I'm a woman)

  9. Eddie's uncle and Lucas breaking down over Max were the parts I couldn't hold it in.

  10. Jason Lives, no doubt. It's peak Friday. It's the Dream Warriors/Halloween Kills of the Friday franchise.

  11. Can you elaborate why you place most of the blame on Cunningham? I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just genuinely curious. Since Miller owns the rights to F13 Part 1, and Cunningham owns the rights to the sequels and hockey mask Jason, I just blamed both for not being able to find common ground.

  12. Not sure what needs explaining. Miller has done nothing wrong, why would he get any of the blame? Cunningham tried to block Miller from something he was owed and had a right to. Now that Cunningham lost, he's holding the series hostage and publicly stating his lack of faith in a sequel. He's a sore loser and a greedy bitch. He'd rather let the franchise die than work with someone, all because he didn't get to keep 100% of the profit anymore.

  13. Cunningham would rather kill the franchise than let his ego be damaged. What a small man.

  14. Nope, it isn't mine. Funny how you all think it is. Should read the Matrix resolutions, Jurrasic world, or even the Nope "fan fiction" leaks.

  15. No. He openly despised his role as Tommy. Calling it a paycheck film.

  16. Top Mind over here. I give this 1-month-old account another 3-4 months tops before it says [DELETED].

  17. There’s a quote in here saying the whole story arc was. Pretty sure Vecna would be part of that .

  18. Makes sense they'd have the broad strokes down, the series was clearly designed to have multiple seasons.

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