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  1. NTA I am an atheist too but I think that your parents are doing a nice thing for the community.

  2. ESH - You knowingly hung out with your girlfriend's ex bestie after an argument less than 2 weeks ago that was apparently so big and bad, most of your girlfriend's friends have dropped her and taken the besties side. Not the best boyfriend decision.

  3. This, and maybe H hated op before and now she has an excuse cause it seems she is bitching way too much.

  4. The new husband is an idiot for not wanting to punish his son.

  5. NTA, if it is still a crime where you live yoyr friend security is more important.

  6. As much as his condition is a difficult state to be in, I would say NTA.

  7. NTA from your post I get that you did not get much of a childhood.

  8. We had a pretty big argument before I moved out where I basically said what you posted, and she turned it around by saying I was bullying her and that if that's how I wanted to view it, maybe I wasn't a "right fit" for the family. It's one of the reasons why we didn't talk for a while.

  9. That is very sad to hear, it seems she sees her family as barbie dolls :/

  10. Truth hurt sometimes. I think you did good telling her but it is still sad that your husband did not get his time.

  11. Disclaimer: I would say the same if she was a man

  12. Babysitting is not the same as being a parent. I’ve been on both sides of this argument. I’ve been the SAHM while pregnant with our 2nd and looking after our first and worked full time while husband has stayed home with the kids. Looking after a child 24/7 is not the same as babysitting. At all.

  13. Fair enough, I do not have this perspective on the matter. I will believe you on this.

  14. Nta beacause you were calm about it and explained why.

  15. NTA and tips from my experiences. Go away he is creepy af to grab you like he does.

  16. NTA cut them off they take you as a piggy bank, not a family member...

  17. NTA you found out information that you didn’t previously that had altered your decision. Asking for $30 to go is a joke.

  18. I second this. The only thing you can do if she still insist is too make her "earn" the money through work.

  19. NTA and you should not host him, yoy woyld more than likely regret it.

  20. NTA but as long as you live in his house it will be difficult for you to go against him.

  21. Nta, but, you should see a professional. It would help you (body image and maybe future burst of anger and resentment) and give a neutral pov.

  22. NTA, but could you not just be together in the bathroom '_'?

  23. Understandable, it is just that I find the quarrel quite "blown out of proportion" (from both parties).

  24. What is eds and hu? Anyway I would say NTA you are a coward not an asshole.

  25. YTA. Sorry but your parents sound amazing. They let you stay on at home to finish your college and only ask you to temporarly move to a smaller room to accomedate multiple guests. You cannot benefit from their cultural hospitality towards family and be pissed when it is applied to others.

  26. Sorry to interrupt but I just have to say that what you find amazing is a norm in some countries `. As such, depending on where the op lives what the owner of the house do can be considered as an asshole move compared to the local customs.

  27. NTA you can ask her but I bet she won t give ot back. Hide your money next time.

  28. I am hidding my money (I got 200kn from dad and 100kn that I saved.). But is it not sad to have a need to hide money from mom?

  29. Yes it is, but sadly it seems like a necessity in your case...

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