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  1. Who is this guy, I really like the videos and they are really relaxing. Does anyone have a link?

  2. If i'm really excited about the game then i usually buy it at release otherwise just wait for a discount

  3. Is this common, or it is a gas station made into a McD' ?

  4. Ha lenne most free awardom, már nem lenne.

  5. Once you have this activated you can craft the Razer Hood/Cloaks. The hood and tier 1 cloak are crafted by pressing tab and going to the crafting window, the same way you make vermin salve/starting armor. Here are the costs for anyone interested:

  6. Thanks, i couldn't find where to craft the hood.

  7. Erről most eszembe jutott a Nigella Lawson féle magyar

  8. Ő legalább kiírta, hogy szerinte ez nem magyar.

  9. True. De asszem ez nem az origi, még spektrumon, vagy hol futottam bele régebben.

  10. There are three different priority levels in Samsung Reminder, the highest priority results in the UI that looks like alarm, which you need to dismiss or snooze, the regular one is just like any other notification and is dismissable.

  11. Ah okay, that makes sense. I had the og galaxy watch before and i don't remember that the priority of the reminder made any difference on the watch like on my phone. Thanks for pointing this out.

  12. Am I the only one that keeps his desktop perfectly empty with no icons at all, and drops a out everything into the start menu?!

  13. Same here as well, but i pin every program that i use on my taskbar instead of start menu

  14. Same. First time I’ve had this problem. Even did a sfc scannow and a windows update troubleshoot repair and it still freezes and reverts back…I’ve tried several times…

  15. Some people will try to piss in the sink, but other than that it's kinda smart ngl

  16. I've been told by NZXT support to order

  17. by the looks of it yes, but i can't confirm you 100%, might worth to ask NZXT support?

  18. i've been told by NZXT support to order this 'cos they didn't have any in stock and it's fits/works fine. So if it's an Asetek pump, then should fit.

  19. If you need a mount bracket, you can get one free from NZXT. When it comes to service nothing beats NZXT.

  20. Well I was trying that, opened the ticket and not long after got a mail that the bracket is in stock and that I should get a follow up mail soon with the tracking details once it's sent. Couple days later got an another mail that it's out of stock and there is currently no ETA for it and an Amazon link where I can buy it if I don't want to wait. So I did that but it was only available on the us Amazon store so it will still take 1-2 weeks to get it here in the EU.

  21. You can request one from NZXT. They require proof of purchase, z690 and Kraken. They will ship you one for free. Mines took a week to come in CA. Central Computers sells them if you don’t want to wait.

  22. Yeah i know, but i live in the EU and the ETA for shipping the bracket is around 2 weeks, so i was trying to avoid that option but it is what it is. Would be nice to be able to get one beforehand and not having to wait 2 weeks after i got the mobo.

  23. free games are usually the most expensive ones to properly play

  24. yes, it would cost you around $100 if you'd like to play all the content coming out this year.. Bungie might have left Activision but Activision never left Bungie lmao.

  25. Which one is the drawing? I can't tell

  26. m13b says:

    To enter the giveaway, reply to this comment answering one of the following two prompts:

  27. A,) AMT - Anti Mining Techology, basically the same as LHR but actually working.

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