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  1. I think in the US it can be considered a simple assault. It’s just that NC has it as assault, even when just spitting at someone. Lots of states probably do idk

  2. I just looked it up... In my home & work states (CT & NY) Both are assault, and if you have a known disease it's assault with a deadly weapon which is a felony 😳 ❤️I love it

  3. I like how the first thing they mention from his career is My Name is Earl instead of Mall Rats

  4. I love mall rats have seen it a few times. Fun movie.

  5. I will never get over the ridiculousness of that video. His cool calm face is so funny/insane while he deadlifts the car.

  6. Ngl that face is sketchhhh. Scary shit. How many truggs you lift BGL

  7. You must have traveled around the city alot to see it all in 2 years pretty well. What do you do for work?

  8. And if I remember right that coward ended up shooting himself after watching the horrific deaths of the others

  9. Nope. Didn’t even have the nuts to shoot himself. He had a guard shoot him

  10. dying light and it’s sequel really filled the void during the 10+ years dead island 2 was in development hell. it’s been there, done that, twice at this point.

  11. I got the same mindset. This is a game I’ll get when it’s heavily discounted or free and play it for like 5 hours and occasionally for some visceral zombie fun

  12. I got money on a Joel haver appearance. And at that price point he can hit

  13. Nope. That’s why I’m betting. He would fit in so well.

  14. Just anecdotally, I have actually been seeing PS5s available in NC stores the past month or so. The other day I saw a dude walking out of Walmart with one and people have posted on the Charlotte subreddit about multiple stores having them in stock (probably for no more than a day or two but still). Sales gonna keep ramping up

  15. We need to ban posts on this sub from people at festivals/raves and whatnot

  16. Safety precautions from school shooters most likely

  17. Our cop pretty much just busted people who got caught with drugs at school lmao. Fights never ended up with assault charges. Dude was really just fuckin chillin. I truly have no idea what he did all day.

  18. Word is Stuart was on set complaining about the weight of the sword and Peter Jackson was just absolutely disgusted with the dude and made the decision quickly to replace him

  19. Lmfao even on a job you think might be a bust, that’s wack as hell

  20. make it make sense. toxic ingredients are toxic no matter for whom it is

  21. I feed my dog chocolate because it’s non toxic to children

  22. I’ve eaten thousands of hits of acid and you couldn’t pay me to smoke salvia a second time

  23. It’s one of those drugs that just feels dumb. I’ve done a few drugs in my life where afterward I’m just like wow…that was incredibly stupid

  24. Nitrous is a strange drug. You go from absolutely fine to absolutely retarded and back to absolutely fine in a tiny amount of time.

  25. Hence why I say it’s stupid lmao. Not knockin it tho

  26. The milk ball rash is my favorite part of the experience

  27. Switch 180 smith flip out is something I’ve personally never seen. Insanely satisfying

  28. It is hard to picture. I've taught some classes at college. You look back on highschool or college when you're 30 or so and feel like you weren't that different. And then you see a class full of 19-23 year olds and holy crap they're like children.

  29. Yupppppp lol. I’m 26 and I just started a job where I have to go into a high school to meet with clients all the time. The first thing I thought when I first visited a student was “omg these are a bunch of babies wtf”

  30. Weather Issa slow day with nawt much goin on, err a neggfliggs day w big digg nuwlmbers....I'll bee hair

  31. Schlobby Lee repawlrting. BGL is prilme targut for a new diss I’m wrilting. Soregonbird lead on

  32. So meny cats in the cawlments of deez BGL posts getting so seeryus about the subs integirdy. Never med y’all. Water

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