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  1. Keep that chin up, I’m sure lots of folks like to see that beautiful smile of yours ☺️

  2. A penguin is driving along on a hot summers day when he notices his oil light is on. He gets out of the car and sure enough, it's leaking oil all over the road.

  3. The only part where it showed anything about COVID was during the beginning part where Laurie was writing her memoir and it shows the dead couple sitting in the Jeep from gunshots, there were a couple cops wearing masks, it’s easy to miss. I do agree with the other comments that discuss that DGG wanted to show a Haddonfield that suffered through the real world events along with the trauma of Michael’s 2018 massacre.

  4. Looks like they’re putting darker hair on them, I got one about 3 years ago and the hair was a lighter brown

  5. My head is 24 inches and there’s a tiny bit of space between the mask and my head (and my head is big too)

  6. Having so much makeup on that your face is shiny or wearing those really long acrylic nails isn’t that attractive like you may believe….

  7. I was about two weeks away from turning 1. My mom said she was holding me and my uncle called her to tell her to turn on the news, when she saw that stuff happening.

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