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  1. No. But it was custom fit for him it seems. Probably makes the production of things like this a lot cheaper to 3D print it.

  2. It's an objectively lacking FPS and has been for a long time. There are next to no new innovations across the games. The campaign is usually pretty killer tho

  3. Bro I'm not willing to pay more than 4.99 for this pice of crap, hell even then I would still have to give it a second and third thought.

  4. I'm not willing to pay at all for Call of Duty and haven't since WaW when they started doing this shit.

  5. I’ve had 500mg THCo orally and it was such a heavy high I couldn’t really function besides a nap. When I woke up I was still high but not a pleasant one? It felt like the end of a “dirty trip” if that makes any sense?

  6. At least they acknowledged the weirdness of that shift. He didn't wanna be a nurse lol

  7. As a a light sleeper that struggles to fall asleep snorers are one of few few major deal breakers. If I'm ever in the same bed as a snorer I basically sleep 3 or 4 hours after fact due to exhaustion and then constantly wake up throughout anyway.

  8. Is the full game out or do I have to wait till like 2098 for the episodes to come out like usual?

  9. Naw mane, that's all you, i'm actually being dead serious lmfao.

  10. But you're acting like a clown so that's what I thought you were. Sending multiple messages like you're my ex gf or something. I laugh at clowns

  11. See, is that kind of attitude really necessary dude? Can't even have a decent conversation with strangers on the internet, can't discuss things, can't work things out, can't figure things out, can't just come to some sort of a greater understanding.... People are all the same, i swear to god lmfao, smh. Foolish mortals :P

  12. Before reading the title I thought this was a cup of pee

  13. I bet someone could post pee in a 1oz jar and get away with it. Depends on the pee tho

  14. Thanks contributing to the discussion about sex negativity by telling us you are tired of tits SlimySalamaderSlut.

  15. Don't see what my username has to do with this. I was being serious and now you're making jokes.

  16. I just did a search for "sex" in this sub and this is literally the only thread on it lmao

  17. Which response? Or is that sarcasm? I’m not on here every single day.

  18. Go write down the names of the countries where you think the housing market is not regulated then go and have a look at the house price to income ratios and tell me it can't be done

  19. That will never happen and people need to understand this, at best they will cap negative gearing incentives.

  20. Yeah that’s the only time I use them. Barbiturates are much more fun recreationally

  21. Benzos are basically new generation barbiturates. Less recreational and more therapeutic. They easily could've been called barbiturates and probably still are in an alternate timeline

  22. No honestly though I'd admire Mexico for the fact that they're not super controlling like other countries. Me and my family are considering moving there from Ireland whilst I await a usa green card

  23. I think western countries in general are uptight when it comes to personal freedoms. I got the same feel in Taiwan as in Mexico. It's more relaxed than the US for sure. Drink a beer on the sidewalk, run a red light, bribe low level officials. It felt like home.

  24. I'm incredibly curious about the details of the car sex. Are we talking like dick in the tail pipe? Humping the seats and steering wheel? Finish on the hood or the trunk?

  25. I brought my Fleshlight into the garage, wrapped in a towel, and fucked it against the hood/grill of the car as well as the side with the gas tank. I was stroking the car lovingly and gazing at my own reflection in the shiny black expanse.

  26. Well the others sub is vendor owned now, not surprising.

  27. Does anybody have a "dabbing for dummies" guide that they can send my way? I'm talking the simplest shit possible, nothing fancy, just want something that gets the job done and is quick/easy to use. I plan on making carts but that seems like a pain in the ass when I can just dab

  28. Honestly just buy any old rig and follow what you see in videos. Get a big dab tool and a good torch.

  29. If this variant is even half as bad as the reports claim it to be i suspect we wont be seeing open boarders just yet.

  30. Alpha is 50% and delta over 100% more deadly than the original variants.

  31. Early data is always like this for new variants. They always look deadly as fuck. Regular COVID-19 did too in the early months. I'll wait till more numbers come in

  32. True. But (and despite one case kind of being meaningless) hopefully this points to it not being a more severe version.

  33. If history is any lesson, the virus should get more infectious and less deadly as time goes on.

  34. America be like : covid? I thought that ended a year ago?

  35. Everyone thinks it ended when trump stopped being president and the vaccine came out. So many people stopped reading the news and stopped caring.

  36. This happened to me last night on phenibut. Got so high I forgot I was high. When my mom accused me of being high I was like, "What do you mean? I didn't take anything!"

  37. Mmm i see I'm getting mine off of a Canadian website 7gr

  38. If the drugs are out of your system it’s your libido talking to you.

  39. Pretty sure I got a girlfriend once just because I told her I was getting clean from opiates. It was the catalyst that got shit rolling and opened us up to intimacy.

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