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  1. people tell me I look cute... its not true tho..

  2. 4 year old me going into parents room to tell them I pissed and shit myself

  3. The audience recording is on YouTube and is one of the best shows on the Magic tour:

  4. That "Carry On" is hard to beat, but San Diego 7/5/1980 and Cologne 5/6/1982 give it some stiff competition

  5. yes definitely- cologne is probably my top 80s version to.. shame its not the greatest quality tho

  6. in my 8 months of being in this sub I only got 2 pedos dm me so dw it's pretty safe here

  7. sub was archived and the mods basically fucked up stuff idk

  8. ehh look after robbie because I do a terrible job :(

  9. Friday by Rebecca Black. Not OC so disqualified.

  10. I would say that makes him even more perfect 😌

  11. You shall be sent to a physical rehabilitation facility until you can eat garlic properly

  12. How about u send a pic n i’ll judge for myself?

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