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  1. DeSantis is DOWN THERE, on the ground, helping people out who are suffering rn.

  2. Honestly, that America is being destroyed by "Wokeism" and its sheer lunacy. (For sure there are other problems here - and also plenty of AMAZING things - but Wokeism is probably one of the worst and most insideous aspects)

  3. What is whoke about wanting human rights and not being discriminated against

  4. See? Right away, you're off to a really bad start. "Wokists" don't own the moral high ground of "human rights" or being against discrimination. We ALL did that way before arrogant, annoying SJW 'wokists' (who are hypocritical and, writ-large, more bigoted & discriminatory than anyone) entered the picture. Who ever said that "wanting human rights" is what it means to be an annoying wokist?

  5. Still, he was nowhere near as good as Jon Stewart. Fact.

  6. So with ranking, many people use them too religiously when making discussions and they should be taken with a grain of salt. That said many Fortune 500 companies and other employers use these rankings for important things such as hiring.

  7. because you sound like a corny elitist, college rankings really ain’t that deep, nobody will give a fuck where u went 5 years after u graduate

  8. 1.) I (mostly) disagree, with all due respect. (depending on which job one is applying for.) But for medicine, engineering, business, tech, consulting, finance, law, or consulting, for one's FIRST or perhaps second job, this will factor, 100%. So for the first 5 to 7 years out of undergrad (Grad school notwithstanding), it will certainly make a difference. These first jobs are the ones that set us off on our career paths - and so are crucially important.

  9. Apply for the new jobs. No brainer. If one comes along that u LOVE and feel really passionate about, in an industry you really like, TAKE IT, even if the Co-op company comes through with an offer.

  10. It’s the closest course to the city. The city is falling apart. Please focus on actual issues.

  11. New grad student so similar. I’m just saying it wasn’t exactly obvious to newbies like us. I admitted I was wrong so don’t take the high road.

  12. Shouldn't we all always strive to take the high road?

  13. Head over to the Business School - they're party animals, are always having tons of fun, their girls are super hot, and they're always open, friendly & willing to include all

  14. Bring it to the help desk at the library and make them do it (nicely of course).

  15. Have you registered the MAC address so that it can connect?

  16. Fucken DSA freaks are more maniacal and lunatic fringe than I even feared... God help us all

  17. Idiots. I use Amazon every month, and LOVE it. And, I love companies that come here and bring jobs & opportunity.

  18. It's a good start. Maybe one day americans will gain class consciousness and the revolution can finally begin. We can hope.

  19. You're bad for humanity. Please, leave America

  20. Lol .. so much senseless hate for Business School students here...

  21. 10.5 feet by 15.75 feet. 6.7 hours of sunlight on average throughout the year. Averages 67 degrees in the winter, 74 in the summer. Red and black intertwined weave carpeting. Two oak beds, drawers, and bunk beds. Beige drywall. Let me know if u have any other questions, I know smith hall room 120 like the back of my hand

  22. Well, all moved in and I have to hand it to you! You were bang on the money!

  23. But in you’re case your dick really is just that small and you have no comeback so you decided to be a pig head conspiracy theorist loser who has become the unfortunate American stereotype.

  24. Wow - U must some kind of fat, ugly ass loser to be so butthurt that u're stalking me, shitposting dumbfuckery to all my posts from 6 & 7 weeks ago that absolutely nobody is still thinking about... but you. Are u really this woefully laughably stupid, or are u just that barn-beaten & cousin-fucked? (Don't answer that...! I've already blocked you. ) And stop stalking people on Reddit! Get back to your usual Pornhub... It will keep u out of trouble!)

  25. No no - It only seems that way b/c you're so fat!

  26. Crazy that they're even bothering u... Did u graduate? That's all that really matters... Everyone suffers senioritis after they're accepted to their preferred college. (Sorry to hear about your family's financial situation)

  27. That's the coming of the StayPuft Marshmellow Monster! Take Cover!

  28. and it's still impossible to explain to them why the world is, in general, improved by being kind to others

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