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  1. I bet she hopes neither of their kids turn out to be trans because their father is a bigot. When does the rhetoric start calling for extermination?

  2. I bet you can always see the whites of your eyes. It must be painful... BTW, as messed up as this tweet is, It is GROSS and unacceptable to talk about other people's children like this. What do her children have to do with this tweet? NOTHING. Imagine a tweet making you this 'morally correct' and toxic all at once. It is truly miraculous.

  3. I'm not trying to be mean [I mean this, am autistic] but in the context of the conversation this was clipped from, this is not at all what she's talking about. She's talking about e/acc, EA, longtermists, silicon valley and techies she's adjacent to. And she's absolutely right in this specific case.

  4. She sucked pretty bad at ultra, I came to the forum to ask why she was so worshiped. I clearly get why now.

  5. What sucked about her performance/set compa3red to others? This is a genuine question.

  6. How many diapers do you think she has changed? I totally see her just handing her poopy kid over to the nanny.

  7. yeah she also mixed a David Bowie song which I think was new for her set. And yes, I also noticed that about the crowd; it's mostly pretty calm compared to other DJ's. I guess that's easy money for her

  8. I found this quickly on quora "Between 5000 & 100 000& generally is the range in big festivals. The djs earning 6 figures are the headliners." the question is from 2017 idk if this has changed.

  9. That is plenty enough money in her pocket with enough left over to pay the VR people. I wish she would get the hint we just want her music and not the silly overhyped and haphazard NFT stuff. Thanks for doing that research!

  10. Grimes just shared the first half face picture of Y and the baby looks just like Grimes and X. She is their kid.

  11. I expected her to not abandon the project and pull a classic Rug Pull scam on her fans. Other NFTs I bought, their creators worked a lot on increasing the value, providing benefits for owners, and creators with way less money and people power than her did that. She did a rug pull scam and I never would have expected that from her.

  12. I knew she didn't care when I signed up to sell my data for "texts" from her. I don't think I received one text other than the welcome aboard. I am a little miffed about that still.

  13. Source?, Where she said it really helped her? Anyways, sorry that happened dude, but she can be super ditsy & clueless too; she’s um, not that smart.

  14. I remember her eluding in an interview somewhere that she would not have had to sign with Colombia if she knew the NFTs would have been so profitable. The statement came off like the NFT money was helping her. I don't know how much she kept but even a small portion of that much money is a lot on its own.

  15. Because its good for like 3 industries that are all working for a massive corp most small business which employ the most people dont touch that shit w/ a 10 foot pole, why would u pay for 90% shit candidates same goes for service industry linked in is a joke for any job that has high turn over. Its for the same reason sites like angies list lead generators are just not used by small businesses, because they are priced for corps.

  16. Currently job hunting. Do you have any recommendations other than LinkedIn and Indeed?

  17. Not true, if there wasn't a market for it they wouldn't breed more dogs. The cost would outweigh the benefits.

  18. No, never said I had a way to stop it. I was just saying your statement is false.

  19. I remember seeing this study in passing awhile ago that found that women who were in partnerships with men that didn't know how to take care of themselves or do really basic chores like this basically started seeing them as dependents/a person that needed to be "cared" for and they absolutely lost any sense of sexual attraction/excitement towards their man lmao. Not that I had any doubts that none of these conservative men ever made their wives come in the first place.

  20. As much as I hate to defend Ben he actually had the most normal answer of I hate cleaning clothes but I wash dishes and then his wife backed it up saying he normally does the dishes.

  21. What a shame to body positive movements. She is one celebrity who made me feel ok with my saggy boobs.

  22. Uhm... Isn't this a HIPAA violation? Having these types of test results disclosed over the phone.

  23. No, I work with patient information over the phone all day long. As long as we can identify the patient's first and last name as well as the date of birth the patient's insurance company is free to give me whatever information I need.

  24. No, I work with patient information over the phone all day long. As long as we can identify the patient's first and last name as well as the date of birth the patient's insurance company is free to give me whatever information I need.

  25. Yeah that's exactly what my cat does ! Good to here that some of them are just not into cuddling, at some point I thought he just tolerated me ~

  26. so basically im going to use my own telos ive been paid for previous proposals to pay the 5% fee to request 50,000 TLOS which at around 15 to 17 cents each is like apeox $7000 USD worth of something you can sell for any major currency like eth or btc...and id use that 50,000 TLOS to fund the Grimes DAO treasury anyone fan create for 20 TLOS like 2 bucks, which ill pay soon and show you when its ready. then ill send private invites to DMs of anyone who requests it so you can get a free telos account and ill send u a few telos to stake to start and you can begin making polls and proposals (ill make sure you all have the 20 TLOS for that when youre readu with a PDF of your business plan) then you upload your pkan as a proposal or ballot (and we can even have elections for grimes fan club president or delegates hah well make a less lame name tho like the word she used from dune that mwans a trusted council representative person etc)

  27. I am going to be honest, I don't know what half of the words you used here mean.

  28. So you don't like that he can't do something sincere without turning it into a joke? Idk if that's a pattern of his, I'm trying to think.

  29. Na, I don't care that he turned it into a joke at all but gloating about how much you donated is never a funny punchline, imo.

  30. Yeah he donated 10k so what if he wants to make a joke about

  31. I don't want to make a big deal about this. It wasn't that he made a joke. It was that the joke was to make himself look great while he didn't spend much time acknowledging the tragedy. It felt gross.

  32. It's company dorms where Elon gets to be your rental landlord and siphon your salary back out while you live on extremely cheap rural land. In trailer housing, evidently. He'll exploit the captive audience due to the place's remoteness to draw profits from company grocery stores and a local entertainment monopoly etc too.

  33. Nah she’s definitely a tortie. I have a tortie and a torbie.

  34. Ok, thanks! I thought the orange stripes would make her a torbie. Beautiful kittens!

  35. Thank you! When they’re both squished together in the carrier to the vet, their back fur definitely blends together and people think they came from the same litter haha.

  36. The tortoiseshell looks done with your shit and the torbie looks very pleased. I bet they provide loads of entertainment.

  37. No way!! I got mine from my grandfather

  38. My brother brought it back for me from a cruise as a gift. It is a pretty peice.

  39. Same! I got mine in Mexico like 25 years ago. Went back to Tulum recently and saw the same one in one of the shops there.

  40. My brother brought it back from a cruise for me as a gift. Not sure where he picked it up.

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