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  1. Also, thanks for the link because it takes a lot of time transferring files to the USB from my PC and to the PS3.

  2. No prob if anything that YouTuber should have a lot of helpful videos on there about both cfw and hen

  3. It's not recommended to use the daily build's of OPL

  4. That is a character based on Jeffrey Dahmer who only appeared twice in the show yet he’s got a fandom wiki page (not joking)

  5. Looks like something from Silent Hill 😮😮

  6. Bunny wanted to put the Scooby gif but it won't let me lol

  7. Who the fuck starts a conversation like that I just sat down lol

  8. Only episodes I don't care for are Duke Ellington and Nick Star don't know why they just seem out of place

  9. I mean I don't hate em just seem out of place

  10. I refuse to pick a favorite. These games were both amazingly entertaining

  11. There both awesome I liked stick of truth better cause of the paper Mario feel but I had fun with fractured but whole any game that had whine drunk Randy as a boss automatic gets a like from me lol

  12. Anything with Marty is amazing 🤣🤣🤣

  13. We'll be just like a mommy and daddy lol I don't remember the rest been a while

  14. I been playing around with the Christmas version and it truly is pretty sweet can't wait to see what the full version is like

  15. If anything these guys here are good for helping

  16. I think it's all in the Mii maker now so you don't really need the homebrew channel

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