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  1. He could apply to be put on a list for low income housing if he needs to but the wait could be a long one.

  2. I watched the speech. The Minister was talking through a "roadtrip" around Ontario, saying something they're doing in each place.

  3. Honestly this makes sense. It’s not developable land. It’s near a bus route and several places of employment. There are also medical and police facilities. I suspect social workers will be set up.

  4. It's actually not within city limits, it's just over the border in Wilmot Township.

  5. No, but I think it's still a useful point of reference to contextualize how well this location is served by transit.

  6. Not everyone can or wants to own. Thus, they rent. To have rentals, you need someone to rent the units out. So you need a landlord to do that.

  7. Polls need to be local to the riding, and use methods that allow them to assign the results statistical significance.

  8. My mistake. I actually can't access the methodology for that one (I thought I did yesterday, but I must have brought up another one twice on my phone without realizing it). But, based on what you've quoted, it would appear to be an actual poll.

  9. Sounds like a “how can we build more overtime for the cops into this?” charade.

  10. Not that I think McCabe is a hardcore defunder, but I'm having trouble figuring out what you think she'd gain by carrying water for the police in that way.

  11. Not really, there's always something before submitting that states something along the lines that certifies that the information in the application is accurate. Legally speaking, whether intentional or not, the visas were approved based on fraudulent information. These students might be victims, they might be frauds... Either way, they didn't meet the requirements for their visa, so we revoke the visa. We already have some of the highest immigration levels in the world, if we let fraudulent cases stay, we might as well just do away with the visa system entirely.

  12. You say we shouldn't let fraudsters stay, which is something I broadly agree with.

  13. By that logic, everyone should get to keep the CERB payments and other Covid supports, even if they didn’t qualify. The difference is between privileges and rights. Non permanent residents and non citizens have no right to residency, there are conditions. These people don’t meet the conditions. Intent really doesn’t have much to do with it… plus all 700 are linked to one consultant. That consultant is certainly a fraudster, but if the students were defrauded, the crime happened in India and the documents were submitted in their name (not through the acting agent), so regardless of intent, they committed fraud due to the legal language in the paper work and the way it was submitted. We have clear evidence of fraud - false document submitted to the government in the students name and certifying authenticity.

  14. This is a pretty shitty thing to post, both because Block 3 partnered to make this event possible, and because they brew good beer.

  15. I’d prefer to see a plan, where predicted population is compared to planned units, units with building permits and available units, charted out over time into the future.

  16. There's about 100 pages of supporting material in the council meeting packet, which seems to address that...

  17. Probably not a popular thing to say here; but the NDP is striking a good balance of working with the government on their mutual goals, while also holding them accountable.

  18. You can’t drive through this year, it’s only walking. I went with my boys last week. It’s ok but the dinos are quite tired and it’s more noticeable when you’re up close while walking as opposed to from your car. Imo still worth it if you’re looking for something to do, anything dino related is usually a hit. It’s very very short compared to the gift of lights

  19. We did the drive last year, and my (then) 4-year-old loved it.

  20. I was confused when reading it too. I don’t know why they would be so blindsided that the offer letters weren’t legit years later when they got here and didn’t actually have a place at the school & program the offer letter said they did. I guess there is some language barrier issues and not understanding how school acceptance procedures should work, but after being in Canada for many years and completing education elsewhere, there should be some sense that hmmm maybe that original letter wasn’t all that legit.

  21. On the flip side, we have an entire government agency dedicated to this stuff, who also apparently only realized 5 years after the fact that there was a problem.

  22. March Break, Sunwing… likely travellers that parked there for the week.

  23. They have public parking past the gate on the tarmac? Is that not problematic from a security pov?

  24. If the adaptive bots count, I've beat Devon at 1600. Otherwise, Antonio at 1500.

  25. Out of curiosity... have you asked them to simply produce the original signed contract?

  26. It's still winter... road maintenance in the winter is not practical.

  27. For many people in 2023, equity means anyone but white heterosexual men.

  28. White heterosexual man here saying, that's horseshit.

  29. While technically correct, but properties are seeing increased competition again (multiple offers), and sellers are typically more likely to select a more straightforward offer than one requiring a bunch of rigamarole.

  30. Most sellers are sophisticated enough to know that a $600,000 offer, with $30,000 going to the agents, is a worse offer than a $595,500 offer with $21,000 going to the agents.

  31. Not really. By the time you get to the presentation of offers, both sides (Seller + Selling Realtor and Buyer + Buying Realtor) will have agreed their compensation amounts.

  32. At least in what's been discussed here, no one's proposed an adjustment to whatever commission the selling agent agreed to with the sellers.

  33. If you wish to get pedantic, then we will get pedantic.

  34. I'm not interested in pedantry. You're very obviously, and massively, understating the likelihood of information relevant to the fault equation coming to light.

  35. I don't see how anyone of the examples you gave has anything to do with the fact that a grown ass man walked on the tracks to be hit by a slow moving train.

  36. We're talking about who's at fault... and you don't see how (emphasizing this is a hypothetical example) an intoxicated operator failing to stop before hitting someone, in a situation where a non-intoxicated operator could have means they share some fault?

  37. BTW Johnston was appointed GG by Harper. It will be interesting to see how Pierre Pullover tries to spin this.

  38. The fact that he was appointed as GG by Harper is a talking point which muddies the water slightly, it's not actually a substantive response to the real concerns with him taking on this role.

  39. Most stores that specialize in suits also offer rentals. Probably more selection at the large chain stores, like Moores.

  40. Because every time there is public outcry, the threshold to dissolve government and call an election would be reached, and he’d never fucking get anything done

  41. The BC recall legislation doesn't dissolve government. It just recalls an individual MLA and forces a by-election.

  42. That explains why its been used so frequently and with success on multiple occasions.

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