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  1. You checked the little terms of use box without reading. That's why.

  2. The small print in these user agreements is problematic because they basically just say “we reserve the right to do whatever we want.” Look at TikTok’s for example:

  3. The sausage is one of their bright spots, if not their only bright spot.

  4. wasnt a big part of why they drop due to McDonald's quietly ending the McPlant in the US amid very lackluster demand, with no updates or anything bout bringing it back? I would think given that lackluster demand for their product and plant based meat in general that a lot of the fast food partnerships might not last for very long

  5. It’s a quandary for the fast food companies because they don’t want to ignore products that

  6. People want to have somewhere to go and something to do. We could drive a Tesla or go to Disneyland virtually but who wants to do that? Brick and mortar stores are not an obsolete concept.

  7. I mean would you rather drive your Tesla in a circle or be able to stop at a Dutch Bros on the way back?

  8. 47/M, had Miralax 1 day prep last year and Miralax 2 day prep this year and same results with both, inadequate prep, “fair” grade, redo required. Supposed to go back in 6 months and do a Golytely 2 day prep. This has left me somewhat annoyed that doctors are allowed to prescribe Miralax at all given that it’s not FDA approved for colonoscopy prep. The prep didn’t just weaken and dehydrate me and cause me to miss 7 meals but left my digestive system unsettled for 6 days afterwards. With zero benefit. My current thinking is I’ll try once more on a Golytely 1 day prep and just not worry about colonoscopies any more if I fail. Should have insisted on this from the beginning.

  9. 59/F So…they did your colonoscopy anyway but said it was inadequate prep …. hmmm…. Last time they keep sending me back home to repeat the prep for 4 days in a row.

  10. Yes, the second time I told them very clearly I didn’t think the prep had gone any better than the first time and they still wanted to do the procedure. The whole experience has been frustrating to me because they tell you that you can’t make important decisions in the hours after the procedure but you’re supposed to make important decisions immediately before the procedure despite being weak and dehydrated. I probably should not have gone in the second time after seeing the prep wasn’t working any better, but I didn’t know what to do. Obviously they will hit you with a cancellation fee in that case.

  11. My interpretation of the speech is that it is endemic and manageable. The speech stressed the importance of vaccination, and also acknowledged the ongoing need for tests and medical supplies/treatment. That implied to me that COVID will still be around, just more manageable as we all will get it, unless you never leave your house and have nothing to do with other humans for the rest of your life.

  12. Provided basic steps are taken that the US has mostly given up on, of course. From the

  13. Are we really still doing gift cards to encourage vaccination? Anyone who isn't vaccinated by now is doing so by choice they aren't going to be swayed by a $100 H-E-B gift card. Thought I slipped back into 2020 for a moment there.

  14. Ironically, I think I might try to hold off on getting the latest booster until a good gift card opportunity falls in my lap. I just had Covid in July so I can probably wait it out.

  15. Before thinking about etiology, we have to determine if they have objective cognitive difficulties compared to average people their age (or, even better, compared to themselves on previous testing). If not, and they nevertheless legitimately think they are experiencing changes, we have to attribute it to something other than a brain illness. 9 times out of 10 it is a combination of just normally getting worse as we age, psychological factors (depression and anxiety fuck with your thinking skills), and psychosocial stressors.

  16. She should test. My general understanding is that you are potentially contagious for a couple days before you test positive on a rapid test.

  17. The at-home tests aren’t great at picking up asymptomatic cases and it actually says in the instructions of the iHealth test that if used to test an asymptomatic person, two tests over three days are required. I had it in July and got a negative test about 12 hours after symptoms appeared. The next day I was positive.

  18. What I’m confused with now is that when I use to get a flu I’d always lose my sense of taste and ever since COVID started.. if I try to look up anything related to my sense of taste or smell it automatically just shows me results for COVID. I got COVID on the first of September and am currently still going through the symptoms which are exactly what they were when I would get a flu pre COVID. So I’m hella confused. On top of all that when I went to the doctor there were zero questions about being vaxed or not.. for something that was supposedly such an important part of all this I was surprised that a doctor and 3 different nurses never asked or even mentioned vaccines. It’s all pretty funny. I also only caught COVID after getting vaxxed. Fucking hilarious.

  19. I’ve also had the experience of going in to the doctor’s for a checkup and the topic of Covid not coming up. I think it’s probably because it’s a minefield and they don’t want to trigger a minimizer and set them off, so they wait for the patient to bring it up. But who knows. I found it kind of ridiculous for them to be so insistent on me getting my colonoscopy when I have had Covid twice and would prefer the priority be getting some assessment done on long Covid, but I just went with it.

  20. She's clearly talking about the updated booster but all the comments in here are acting like it's the OG booster.

  21. They mean the OG formulation vs the updated formulation, not whether or not it is the first booster that an individual got.

  22. I don’t think it’s at all clear what they meant by “OG booster”. The virus is the original gangsta in this scenario, not the vaccine.

  23. Hit with Long COVID about 7 months ago. Still suffering from lasting brain fog, neck and head aches, visual snow (like having a static filter for your vision), fatigue, breathlessness, heart palpitations, temperature, and extreme anxiety. Many people, especially those in the medical community, are still unbelievably unable to educate themselves about this illness. There are people researching it, but it needs more traction. I could live a happy man forever if it meant I’d never have to deal with this again.

  24. Blurred vision and visual snow, as described above, are

  25. Inmates are charged for their incarceration in almost

  26. 16 million is roughly the number of undergraduates currently enrolled in college, for perspective. So this is like if every college junior in the US dropped out.

  27. There’s a huge difference. Most of those vaccines provide sterilizing, long term immunity. These shots don’t. What percentage of children get flu shots? I don’t think it’s very high. That’s more comparable.

  28. I'm not OP but personally I still haven't decided on vaccinating my 4 year olds. I got mine as soon as I was eligible, including my booster; same with my partner. Our kids got their childhood vaccines right on schedule and get the flu shot every year. We had covid and one child has minor symptoms for a day or so. I can't even explain it to myself but for some reason I'm just nervous about it, but I also struggle with anxiety in general. If we had high risk family members then maybe it would be different, but for our family I just don't see it as a priority given that the risk of covid is so low to begin with. I think I'd like to wait a bit longer for more data to be available before I decide and I know I'm speaking from a very privileged position. Not many have the option to "wait and see" because they may be at higher risk of complications. And I was actually so excited when the under 5 vaccines were finally approved but then just got really nervous/anxious and decided to wait. I can't really explain it, and yes I'm also nervous about making the wrong decision otherwise.

  29. It's higher for the two weeks after infection. Or at least that's all they studied. They don't indicate that the increased risk is permanent or long-term.

  30. Author makes an argument to downsize the bloated tech and financial sectors and transition those workers into careers as paramedics, nurses, nurse practitioners, and GPs.

  31. People don’t have immunity to it and there aren’t enough vaccine doses for everyone.

  32. This is the best example they could come up with of how destructive those horrible “Covid lockdowns” were:

  33. And the fanbois will still flock and camp out for the next model...

  34. Isn’t the only other choice Google, who is currently raking in all the ad money Apple is trying to get a piece of?

  35. The ads are in Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and the Google Play store which are all preinstalled default apps on Android devices.

  36. I've been fully vaccinated and have had two additional booster shots (one in June of this year) and just caught COVID. Managed to avoid it for two years. The symptoms are very mild which I credit to the vaccine.

  37. I had very mild symptoms when I got it in November 2020 before any vaccine. The second time was this year, after three shots, still mild but slightly worse than the first time. None of us has the slightest clue what the virus is going to do to us when we get it, how effective the vaccine is for us, or how much that effectiveness has waned.

  38. Why do these people always know so many people with long COVID while I don't know anyone and I don't know anyone who knows anyone with it.

  39. You can’t just walk in and get diagnosed with long Covid. It doesn’t even have an

  40. 1 polio case in a city that is the east coast international hub, and he was linked to a foreign country where a few cases had been detected Calm down.

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