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  1. I use it for anything outside of FPS games, because I like M&K for that.

  2. Anyone wanna help me get into Red Dead 2? I bought it to play for the first time a month ago and have barely played it. It's SOOO slow.

  3. You don’t know the half of it, brother. The main game lasts like 80 hours, even if you rush it.

  4. you can’t ban guns there are 3x as many guns in the us as people they won’t go away if you ban them

  5. Yeah, not “ban”, blame. You can’t ban video games either, but the gaming industry won’t suffer from blaming them and even if, publishers won’t start stirring shit. Weapon manufacturers, on the other hand…

  6. You could tell her something like she is too old and her opinion is even older. Because gaming became mainstream long time ago. It’s not only for kids anymore.

  7. I dunno, sounds stupid. I’m good with what we have and can hardly visualise what it would be about. Red vs. Blue, but better? Nah.

  8. Yeah, since most of those missions are heavily-borrowed ideas from the previous games, you’d think they could include a couple more, but I don’t mind. Those are great levels.

  9. for anyone playing this game: i HEAVILY encourage you to never save scum and keep going. there is an interesting path for you no matter how things go.

  10. Well written! Having played it on Xbox Lne X since the first day, I agree with the most points.

  11. If the editors wouldn’t be afraid to piss off big publishers, that would be nice. This has gotten so obvious with many major websites.

  12. As someone with limited free time, Hades has been the only roguelike I've been able to enjoy as you don't lose absolutely everything. I've heard similar things about Deadcells but don't know how true that is?

  13. Yeah, after Hades that was refreshingly painful, esp. when you’re not that good :)

  14. ? not hacking if it actually belongs to you, and to reiterate that’s been done, hours are limited due to the time of night, useful information before it’s to late is the goal.

  15. It’s seems sensitive to talk about from the reply’s of this comment, I had no idea you’d be wrong for finding alt way to save your own account?

  16. I understand that you’re pissed, for obvious reason, but that logic is wrong.

  17. I can suggest not starting with Sekiro. I strongly disliked Dark Souls games for what they are, but loved Sekiro, as it does the opposite of what Dark Souls games were going for.

  18. How many packs we talking here 🤔 anything over two packs a day a serous problem. .

  19. Great cancer risk. Therapy is a bitch, and costs a fucking fortune, too.

  20. Yeah, it was a hot topic back when it came out, but then Elden Ring came out and completely shadowed that game.

  21. All I've seen people talk about Elden ring is it's difficulty? Not saying it's a bad game at all, I've heard it's a masterpiece according to reviews. But I've also heard Horizon is brilliant

  22. No, can’t agree. I liked DualShock 3 and 4 better. I like DualSense the most.

  23. Imo the PS3 controllers (both the rumble and non rumble og version) were very poor in comparison to the 360 one. But the PS4 pad was very good.

  24. Maybe, it was a personal preference. But 360 controllers were reliable as hell, from what I heard.

  25. Blink in the Dishonored franchise. It’s amazing and adds a lot to any style of gameplay. Later additions with time being stop mid-use made it only better and more badass.

  26. I think Far Reach is way better than Blink. Mostly because you can yeet enemies into the air which is hilarious, but the ability to grab objects remotely is also really handy.

  27. Sounds familiar, but can’t remember what game it is from. What game has that one?

  28. There you go, stating the obvious again, you’ve been warned about this before. Stop it.

  29. It’s a question, not a statement, you muppet. Wanna be useful? Do piss off and start teaching people how to use Google.

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