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  1. "Official" reviews don't really mean shit since they're all too afraid to give real criticism and get black listed later. SD888, E2100, SD 8 gen 1, tensor were all heavily criticized in deep dive reviews with most criticism directed at samsung fab yet when devices with these CPUs came out, all the reviewers praise the performance and battery life and never mention any excess heat or battery drain

  2. Can you point me to a review of the S22 that said battery life was good? It was average at best by all sources I saw. Don't recall lol seeing "praise" for it.

  3. S22U did and it still seems like bullshit or at least extremely inconsistent. S21 series was very praised

  4. The battery capacity also went down for the S22 and S22+. I think it stayed the same for the U.

  5. I'm pretty sure this is why Apple doesn't give a shit about (Google's handling of) RCS:

  6. But she also hates when I send her a G Photos link because then it opens in a browser and she has to jump through hoops to download and save it to her camera roll.

  7. I mean in the case of Google Photos, downloading the app would completely eliminate the hoop she has to jump through

  8. Using adblock is considered piracy for them but emulating switch while showing how to do it step by step is not lol, double standards

  9. They bought physical copies of the game which protect them legally.

  10. Buds 2 have worse battery life than Buds+ (8hv6h). So it's strictly worse in that sense.

  11. With ANC on or off? I see claims of closer to 8 with ANC off which is more comparable to the +

  12. Yeah but it becomes thicker too. I imagine it would protrude more from your pockets. Plus there's the extra step of opening the phone each time you wanna use it now.

  13. Even as a guy, it makes a huge difference to pocket-ability. Feels so much more compact in the pocket.

  14. My right earbud doesn't work right after taking a shower. The seal check always fails after a shower even though the earbud is sealed properly. I have the comply foam tips and the gels. Neither work for the test. I get the beeping from the earbud that it's not properly sealed for up to 12-20 hours. During that time the earbud doesn't play music right either. It's unbalanced. I hear more from the left than I do on the right. In fact, I have to take out my left earbud to even know if any music is coming from the right earbud. The transparency/noise canceling feature doesn't quite work correctly during this time either.

  15. Yeah water and speakers don't mix well. Any water in the speaker grill will make it sound distorted/muffled for a while.

  16. MKBHD definitely has them. He had an iPad video last week on YouTube and there was a shot of the Buds Pro.

  17. Yep, I saw them too and waited a while for the review to drop. But given that none of the others have done it, I'm feeling the probability of him not doing a review is quite high at this point

  18. Apparently he was at a ultimate frisbee competition for like a week recently so I assume some things got delayed.

  19. Snapchat always has potato quality unless you are using an iPhone. Yeah Google may have made claims about how Snapchat will be better with the Pixel. Ultimately that comes down to Snapchat and their God awful application, not specifically something Google can really do anything about.

  20. In the Pixel 2-4 era, at least, Google worked with Snapchat and used the Neural core for 3rd party app cameras. Pictures were pretty fast/good quality

  21. Yeah 2-4 took great photos in Snapchat. I'm on a 6a now and Snapchat looks like it's just freeze-framing the viewfinder like it does on other Android phones. Disappointing.

  22. Which is wild considering they collabed with Snapchat on the back tap feature on the Pixel 6

  23. Serves you right for using Google stuff.

  24. Well the cart price is $449 since the trade-in isn't reflected in the cart price so I would think $44.90. But I don't have Google One so I can't say for sure...

  25. Do you know when I can cancel One membership/revert to lower tier?

  26. This is a smaller phone as well right. 120Hz on a 5.4inch display is a pretty good balance Edit: 5.9inch

  27. Did you make a berry compote or just raw berries and lemon zest?

  28. Yes. Because it's just an exynos with a bolted on NPU, so all of the heat and modem issues are because LSI and Fab are fucking terrible.

  29. I think for me, I'd be perfectly happy with a midrange chip rather than Tensor. Better battery and radio performance with an SD chip vs a bit more power that gets throttled more often.

  30. This is a conversation about mid-range. It's not hardware competitive in the mid-range.

  31. How about less color variants and more outer screen space?

  32. I know I know but a bigger outer screen really would have warranted calling this the Z Flip 4 instead of what it seems to be...which is a "Flip 3 with 2022 processor"

  33. I mean tbh the only reason I didn't go with the flip 3 was the processor.

  34. Most of the reviews I saw compared to the similarly priced A53 and Nothing phone... Didn't see many people comparing it to a S22 Ultra or similar

  35. Awesome, so basically future proofing and some cool features - but not battery or audio quality?

  36. Same bitrate will give higher audio quality. Lower bitrate same audio quality. When compared to SBC.

  37. I'll keep it unopened until I get some confirmation LC3 is or is not coming with A13.

  38. Samsung has wireless charging and high refresh in their A53 which is the same MSRP as the 6a. Nothing has wirelessly charging and high refresh.

  39. Ah sorry mixed up with Nothing phone. Lots of comparisons recently since they're all similar price.

  40. Faster battery drain is more typical in the first few days so tough today. Wouldn't doubt it though since Tensor runs so hot

  41. The Pixel Buds A-Series are not a successor to the Pixel Buds 2. And I mean, they stopped selling the Pixel 5 before the Pixel 6 released, so that's not really replacing. That's just pulling a product from the shelves for no reason.

  42. The Pixel 5 was replaced in the store by its successor, the Pixel 6. Google doesn't usually keep the previous gen in the store.

  43. The Pixel 5 was discontinued before the Pixel 6 was even announced, you dense potato.

  44. Lol you're saying I'm being rude but also calling me a dense potato. Great way to have a conversation.

  45. The mobile data wasn't working

  46. Wifi seems to be much worse than 4a5g, unless super close to router.

  47. Switching from a 4a5g as well, but only because the deal was unreal. We got the phones last March for $200 each as an intro to Fi. Just before the 6a was launched, I bought my wife and I each a pair of buds series a. Google offered $300 for our phones ($100 more than what we paid for them) and now I can return each pair of buds we got and put that money towards the phones.

  48. Can you return the buds separately for a discount? I'd love to do that if possible

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