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Don't [email protected] With Ukraine (Max Barskih new song)

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A Ukrainian woman trying to save dogs with disabilities from the shelter in Irpen

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  1. No wonder. Kraken spec ops are spearheading the operation. I’ve met some of those guys over a cup of coffee here in inner Kharkiv. 100% badass mofos, absolute respect to them.

  2. I mean idk, Russia makes some good tech. Ukraine has proven that. Russia just doesn't know how tf to use it.

  3. Soviet equipment is garbage compared to nato standards, Ukrainian military men admitted it numerous time through the conflict.

  4. I think ukraine has more people fighting on tiktok&social media than on the field now 🤷‍♂️

  5. Out of a 40 mil nation more people are active on social media than there are serving in the military. Wow, what a surprise.

  6. Funniest shit is when bots start spamming me with dms after I post something with shit like “how can you glorify literal nazis” while two detachments of Azov are at this very moment defending my city from actual nazis.

  7. When dressing up as him, don't forget the camo sneakers (not boots, that's too uber)

  8. We actually did some research on Zelensky’s drip and it looks like he gets most of his stuff from a local military shop these days.

  9. I thought Nabiullina (in the thumbnail) resigned?

  10. She tried to but her resignation was denied. Everyone in a position of power can’t willingly step down in russia anymore.

  11. That’s some Alex Jones tier bullshit.

  12. Beware the russian propaganda campaigns.

  13. The British government are said to be extremely worried about Russias sanctions as it's unclear what impact they'll have on their ability to get vodka for future christmas parties work meetings.

  14. Ukrainian vodka is better than russian by the way.

  15. Well, they say 30% of invasion force is somewhere in the 30 miles radius. They can’t get in, can’t encircle the city, but continue shelling as much as possible.

  16. I had a laugh reading the description on YouTube.

  17. He didn’t say “there are fewer of us”.

  18. Dude I live at the fucking frontline, how closer to war do you want me to get.

  19. I don't think it will work, Belarus people have access to western sources. If anything it might start a civil war in Belarus or a regime collapse if the troops refuse when they try to force them into Ukraine

  20. Let’s hope so, cause the false flag attack already happened approx an hour ago.

  21. The whites is what Royalists were called during the civil war in the falling russain empire.

  22. No, they’re gonna do a lot of consensual sex in a missionary pose with their loved ones for the sole purpose of procreation.

  23. Do we know who took the image? I'd love to make a print with the photographers permission/ buy a print/ make a donation, whatever is best.



  26. This guy is a joke in Poland. Last thing that comes to mind is to take him serious. But there have been other reports from trucks with RU/BY smuggling suspicious stuff through the boarder in Poland.

  27. Can you explain cause I have no idea who this is. The video from the border looks pretty legit though.

  28. Is he trying to claim that Germany is sending supplies to Russia through Belarus to aid in the Russian war effort? That sounds highly unlikely.

  29. Probably not Germany as a country, but some German businesses choosing to close their eyes and send obvious war supplies to Belarus.

  30. To be fair, Ukraine is doing the same by making it illegal for males ages 18-60 to leave the country.

  31. Dude it’s literally impossible to get conscripted even to local defense, let alone armed forces if you don’t have experience/training.

  32. It is, but no one wants you around frontline unless you know what to do already. We are not russia, we don’t send lads who saw the rifle yesterday to their death.

  33. The reports also say children are under debris.

  34. Saltovka is not in oblast it’s a district of Kharkiv, it’s a proper part of the city.

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