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  1. They'd need something bigger than a Nissan tiida if they're stealing those.

  2. I appreciate the evidence and explanation OP but I ain't from the States. I'll still be calling it a semi-trailer truck or B-double.

  3. Yep, cause no one does pomp and ceremony quite like the Brits.

  4. Damn the press in New Zealand sucks, not that I didn’t already think this. Despite this being relatively close to home, there’s nothing about this yet on the NZ Herald or Stuff.

  5. As far as NZ media is concerned the Pacific nations that aren't Samoa, Tonga, Fiji or Cook Islands don't exist. As someone from PNG it's frustrating for me also.

  6. Sadly a month later the aircraft would be shot down by friendly fire and the entire crew still remain MIA to this day.

  7. A couple of F35s from 75 Squadron did a low flyover in PNG for the Battle of Milne Bay anniversary just last week. Maybe they'll make an appearance for riverfire as well.

  8. Noel Lemming accept electronic waste on behalf of Tech Collect NZ. Service is free.

  9. Dutton has such a hard on for war with China. Let’s just parachute him into Beijing armed with a sharp pointy stick and then all move on with our lives.

  10. The 1/2 plane score would denote that the aerial victory is shared with another pilot.

  11. I don't believe I didn't know Australia had the same outlet as China!

  12. It's also the standard power outlet for New Zealand, Argentina and most Pacific island countries.

  13. At a guess looking at the helmet, gaiters and water canteens that these may be Imperial Japanese Army troops. Can't say for certain though.

  14. Riccarton even without bombs falling from the sky, sniper fire, and dead bodies in the streets is almost exactly like a warzone.

  15. Invercargill has one united video now and it was the largest video rental store in the southern hemisphere until a couple of years ago when it sold off the bulk of it's stock because streaming services have reduced it's profit margins by a huge chunk I imagine. I definitely have good memories growing up and hiring dvd's on the weekend.

  16. It's a great video shop. Always feel like a 90s kid when I'm in there browsing the shelves.

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