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  1. It’s an ‘05 Studio. I know it’s of course not a high end Gibson but it has always played particularly well and is very sentimental to me. Lot of touring, some crazy venues and a lot of recording. It’s just been with me every step of the way and I’d like her to keep rocking. None of my other LPs feel quite right, she’s the #1.

  2. Depends what kind of quote you get for the repair. But if the repair cost is 1000 etc I would consider buying a new one. Just bought a Tribute Les Paul, it has a maple neck so it is a little bit harder to break 😁

  3. I don’t understand why the club agreed on such arrangement.

  4. There is a lot involved in this takeover. If you are interested in this google "rock of gibraltar race horse and alex ferguson". You might stumble on something interesting 😁.

  5. Yep. I got this fixed. Problem was the connector behind instrument cluster. Needed to give some plier treatment to the pins and all good :D

  6. Answering to myself. I first measured that the PCM is working and turns the MIL light on. Then I removed the instrument cluster and opened the connector pin for MIL light. The connector "leafs" were too far away so they didnt touch the pin in the instrument cluster. With pliers i gently bent the connector back in shape but it all back together and now she is working perfectly 👌.

  7. First thing is to always check fluid level. Running, in park, warmed up, on level ground.

  8. They tried to copy positive grid spark and mini. And failed miserably. No bluetooth connectivity, have to use laptop for editing sounds etc.

  9. I have a tele. And now I also have a strat with hss configuration. I absolutely love my tele, never going to sell or trade it. But in the other hand, the Hss strat can do so much. If you are only buying one. Get a strat, and with the hss pickups. This is only my opinion, so no hard feelings for the hc tele guys (im one of them).

  10. I have a MiM tele. Love it. When i bought it i tried some american made telecasters. Didnt like them. Better to test before buying, that is my advice. In my opinion you go either way you are going to get great instrument.

  11. If you want a HB, just get a LP junior or SG. It’ll give you a completely different inspiration.

  12. I already have a les paul junior with a P90. That is a different kind a beast 😁

  13. Depends what you're trying to achieve. I'm an SSS man myself although I have recently put togethet an HSS strat as well.

  14. Mostly playing classic rock and blues stuff. I love singe coils but have a soft spot for humbuckers too.

  15. Mine doesn't tell me my gas mileage. I had to do it the old fashion way and kinda wishing I didn't.

  16. I thought my 6.0 got crap mpg 😅. Im averaging 10-12mpg all the time

  17. It's not fun taking it anywhere over a hour away lol

  18. Hahaha. You can actually see how the gauge needle races towards empty tank 😂

  19. Same kind a experience. Very rarely I can get a very good tone out of Biasfx. But it is not the software fault. I think it is just there is so many options and variables that it gets overwhelming. In the other hand I get good tones very easily when using Neural Dsp Tone king imperial etc. So maybe it is something to do with the usability of the software.

  20. I had the same issue, it was the $11 Purolator fuel filter that I ordered off amazon. I ordered a GM fuel filter of ebay and solved the problem for me. I even ruptured the line installing it and it still starts strong. Even though its slightly leaking when it's running, it still starts up strong on time

  21. Thanks for the reply. In this model year the fuel "filter" is in the pump inside the tank.

  22. Check the quality of your IAT sensor. This seems to be an issue people have seen on these trucks under that particular scenario. If you can read live data, see under what Temps it refuses to start again to help with your diagnosis.

  23. Checked the IAT sensor with my scan tool. Shows correct temperature reading. Thanks

  24. Oh the memories. I was in Paris during that world cup. There was the opening ceremony with these huge "robots" that travelled through city etc. As a little kid I was totally overwhelmed. "Coolest shit ever nothing can ever be better than this". Until you have sex and your world is totally different 😂. So remember kids, dont have sex. It will ruin you.

  25. Totally agree. Dont get me wrong, i love Gibsons. But that kind of quality control in a guitar that you pay thousands of dollars or euros or whatever is just unacceptable.

  26. Heater problem in one of the o2 sensors propably. I got the same code. Just unplugged every sensor and measured the heater resistance from the plug with a multimeter. If sensors are ok, check the wiring harnesses.

  27. Do you get a value from the sensor? With scan tool etc. Check the wires from the sensor if they are broken or shortcircuited somewhere.

  28. No value from dashboard/ android scan OBD2 reader

  29. Okay. If you have a basic multimeter disconnect the plug and measure resistance between the wires and see if they are shorted.

  30. AWESOME !! Does anyone here know if that case is just a regular LP Case or does it only fit a LP Junior Guitar ??

  31. I saw a youtube review etc where someone tested this. Gibson les pauls etc fit to the case nicely 👍

  32. Just got mine a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Installing a Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 in it this weekend.

  33. Amazing guitar for the price. Epiphone has really stepped their game up. Finishing is really good

  34. Same experience. I have wanted to buy a gibson for a long time. But everytime i go and play them. I just dont feel them. And I dont mean that they are bad guitars etc. My advice is if you dont really like and connect with it, dont buy it. 2500 is a lot of money to spend.

  35. Wow! Thats absolutely fantastic. What kind of guitar is it?

  36. They are not that much better now a days in my opinion. And when you think about it. You pay lets say 2500-5000 for guitar, why not go to a luthier and get a custom guitar made to you. Of course if you are going to buy and sell guitars all the time then Gibson holds its value. But if you really just want a good guitar, have it made to you.

  37. If you can get your hands on some cheap bluetooth obd dongle you can check if you get a reading from the oil pressure sensor. That way you know is the problem in the cluster or in the sensor.

  38. With my 6.0 i cant even dream about those kind of figures 😂

  39. Could it be a some sort of "buffing" error? I mean when they polish the finish.

  40. That looks really nice! Congrats. Sg is one guitar I would like to buy. But I dont know should i buy a Epiphone or Gibson. Yes I know Gibson is american made bla bla its amazing and will fullfill wifes sexual needs etc. But still I dont know does it justify the price difference.

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