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  1. If they had shot it down over land and it hit somebody, y'all would never shut up about the blood on Biden's hands or whatever stupid bullshit you came up with. They shot it down over water for good reason.

  2. Wait who's we? And yeah he should've shot them down too if his administration knew about it, but Trump is a moderate.

  3. You're literally discriminating in favour of the old flag, how progressive can you be if you make those sort of calls?

  4. I hope so to... the implications of what is going on here are dire... /s

  5. So if I decide to sell liquor illegally for a profit, and the cops arrest me, are they protecting capitalism still? Even though they just got in the way of a voluntary exchange of goods and services? What about market regulations, still pro busniess?

  6. If you're far left enough, any moderate position looks right wing. Public education needs huge and sweeping reforms, to how much its funded, how it screens its educators. How rigid system that monopolises kids' time without giving them practical life skills or any sort of critical thinking skills. The state does not need to have such a strong control over how education is done.

  7. The kind of cope you post when you get 2% of the vote despite claiming to have taken over New Hampshire.

  8. nah this is much worse, this is something you wish happened, not even reality

  9. I don't think this is the gotcha you think it is, most people think CE and BCE are a joke lol

  10. Imagine thinking the fundamentalist rock you live under shares the same belief as the majority. Truly your skull is an echochamber.

  11. I'm actually quite astonished, no one at my school uses CE Or BCE because it's redundant. I would observe that given the debate over it, that it's hardly settled. Strict social etiquette perverting academia is the worst sort of anti-intellecualism.

  12. I love how progressives think that they're on the opposite side of the police... How tf do you regulate an economy without thuggish stormtroopers to enforce your will on the market. This billboard dosent surprise me at all.

  13. By getting rid of the thuggish stormtroopers who exist specifically to protect the interest of the "market."

  14. They do not, they actively suppress markets. Drug criminalisation, taxation, enforcing regulation, all work to suppress markets.

  15. no, no he's right, government monopolies are always corrupt and vary greatly in service based on location. Racist cops exist, so do corrupt and incompetent police, just like any publicly run institution funded by taxation.

  16. he doesn't make his wife wear a hijab or anything, i don't know how Muslim he is if he doesn't beat her

  17. its almost like a free market solution is better than having the government control and subsidse education...

  18. Anyone who knows anything about this technology knows that implementing it in this manner is a total waste with only the most marginal chance of working as intended. Government initiatives in a nutshell.

  19. And so we enforce the notion that their sense of self worth should be a function of the teacher's judgement, thereby guilting them into providing us with the best test results which make us look better :)

  20. The funny thing is that people think that adults are any different, we all observe pronouns because there's often legal and financial consequences for not doing so but it's all just fake theatre. The strict social etiquette of today is all performance, hardly anyone actually believes it, they just go with the flow to keep their heads down.

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