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  1. I smoke but clearly you’ve been unlucky and met quite a few assholes. I personally do my best to blow with the wind so the smoke avoids people and won’t take a drag of my cig if I’m about to pass someone.

  2. Sounds good, doesn't work. If you're out in town there will be people every direction. Just save your smoking for when you're home.

  3. Largely... No. There are a few episodes or moments that are direct sequels or references to previous events. An episode of JLU season 2 in fact sets up the story by directly showing it started during an event in Superman TAS. But you're not gonna be lost without it unless you have no clue who the charactera are.

  4. First off, congratulations on your completion of this! Man. I still wonder if there's episodes I've missed lol I've never watched the DCAU from beginning to end

  5. I mean it is tempting but.. dedication man.. I'm trying to work my way through arcane and I can't keep binging the DCAU's selected episodes xD what made me realise there was an epsiode I hadn't seen was I saw The Lion and the Unicorn for the first time a few months back and was shocked at how I missed it. Kind of a new favourite tho

  6. Arcane is only 9 episodes. Surely not a struggle to make it through. Hell, making it through a show shouldn't be as much effort or time consuming aspeople make it sound. If you enjoy a show, it's worth it. And there's no need to binge or rush. Just watch one episode whenever you feel like it or have 20 minutes to spare, right?

  7. How did you feel about Virgil's dad admitting part of him always knew Virgil was static? Did you find it unsatisfying or do you think it makes sense

  8. Well given Virgil's odd behavior, late nights out, and always forgetting to do important things at the same time Static started showing up in town, on top of looking very similar to his son, it makes sense if anything.

  9. Would you have preferred had it been done earlier in the series?

  10. Yes, but only because I enjoyed the change in dynamic with his dad knowing about it. It's only for one episode. Should have been more.

  11. Many fans consider it to be, so just decide for yourself. Some also consoder Fantasic Four: World's Greatest Heroes to be canon. I'm watching these shows for the first time and will personally do so while seeing them as the same universe.

  12. I'm pretty sure they were never forced. Wally atleast was always intended to be the DCAU Flash even before he was called by his name in JL. The old official defunct Batman TAS/ Supeman TAS website had listed the Superman TAS Flash's Bio with the identity Wally west and the old DCAU comics which came out before the JL also had revealed the Flash's identity to be Wally

  13. Yes, and all those things are from the late 90's and early 2000's, when Barry Allen was deceased and Wally West was "the" Flash in comics. DC wouldn't allow any other media to contradict that. So even in an official website bio DC didn't want the the one Flash cameo in STAS to be Barry.

  14. Unfortantely now Warner Bros doesn't care what DC thinks anymore as they own DC Comics. If you don't know, DC made Wally the main Flash again in the main continuity comics since March 2021 and this time Barry didn't die. Wally also has been wearing his pre-flashpoint era costume since July in comics, but none of this matters to those old folks at Warner Bros. They view Barry as the only Flash despite Wally having the main Flash status for almost a year now.

  15. I actually don't read comics, I just like the DCAU cause I like cartoons. So I don't really follow comics. The little tidbits I know are from things relevant to the DCAU, really.

  16. It's like scarlet witch "curing" all mutants

  17. I don't know what that is but if it's equally as unsatisfying, that's disappointing. I get curing the EVO pandemic was like the goal of the entire series, but it changes everything we love that's been established. I would've preferred if they actually found a cure which had to be given through a vaccine or at least individually so that it would be a slow process to normalcy, and the EVOs who actually liked their powers didn't have to lose them.

  18. Yeah, he did that too, but I'm specifically pointing to his performance in the PS4 game.

  19. I know. I was just pointing it out. I like the game and all but I really just hear Ben rather than Peter Parker in my head.

  20. It does annoy me, because it's not actually asking the question. As others have stated, it's merely a greeting. If someone asks you how you are, you are supposed to say "good". But in my experience, those kind of conversations never really go anywhere. If you just want to greet someone and then leave, it works fine. If you're actually trying to have a conversation, start with actually saying something interesting. Or if it's too weird to just dump a random topic immediately (which it is, to be fair), try instead asking a more specific question.

  21. She doesn't know. They always wanted to tell her but the higher ups at DC at the time wouldn't allow it.

  22. Start with the shows... What. Why would you watch a bunch of movies based on TV shows with no show context?

  23. The Phantasm has a cool design but as a whole doesn't really work without the concept of Andrea being behind it to avenge her father.

  24. And also very illegal given that the kid is under 13.

  25. How's that illegal? The game is rated 13+ but that doesn't make it "illegal" to play it anymore than it is illegal for a 17 year old to go on Pornhub.

  26. It's not about ratings; there's a lot of legality around under 13s being on a platform due to how collection of user-data and such needs to be handled for them. It's not rated 13+, you'll find most things on the internet have this 13+ limit because of it. Primarily

  27. It's illegal to collect data from kids but it isn't necessarily "illegal" for kids to lie about their age. It's against the games terms of service, but that still isn't the law.

  28. Harvey Bullock: The Animated Series when? HTAS #wewererobbed

  29. If you want to make "Initialize PS4" an option, press cancel and it will turn off your ps4. Then hold the power button until you hear the second beep.

  30. Why would achievements be gone? Those are on your PSN account. Or do you not mean trophies?

  31. And, what are your views on the Post covid special?

  32. Trey stuck to his decision, I guess. Though all they do in that is just stand next to each other and never really say anything relevant to their relationship status as far as I recall.

  33. He pretty much says it right there. "We had to end the story there because of CN". They'd rather end the story with their intended conclusion than leave on a cliffhanger. Good on them.

  34. They continued avatar after ozai's defeat in the comics. 😐 I mean, GR fans won't ask for a spin off of his child because it's not that type of story. Like if we saw another kid Basically doing the same as rex, that would be boring. I don't think anything will come from our argueing.You are kinda right, I am kinda right. But we won't agree with each other. It's best to leave it.

  35. Is $23.99 worth it for South Park: Fractured but Whole Gold Edition?

  36. You're completely right. I don't like it when people say the only reason to feel that way is because you have nostalgia for their older movies. I have never let nostalgia cloud my judgement of media. I watch plenty of old cartoons I never saw as a child now, as an adult, and consider them high tier entertainmemt, even above stuff I liked as a kid.

  37. I guess Terry was included to keep The Zeta Project from straying too far from the DCAU as the episodes don't really tie in to the major DCAU

  38. I still think it connects enough. 3 crossover episodes between the shows, one episode with the Brain Trust, and a ton of lingo invented in Batman Beyond. Creds, Vid, Schway etc

  39. I'm gonna be honest here but I never understood placing one episode at the top. Of course, I've been rating every individual episode, and I think some are the best of what the show has to offer while others are not. But out of all the great ones, I cannot pick only one, or even 3 which are the "best".

  40. Mods allowed it because people wouldn't stop. For a long time there were pretty much only DCAU posts here. Then once the new Young Justice season came out recently, the fans started flocking here, not knowing what the DCAU was and thinking it was just any DC cartoon sub they could discuss Young Justice in. Alongside that people started posting about The Batman, Brave & The Bold and so on...

  41. DVD order is correct. Release order is the one that's wrong.

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