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  1. They want golden keys. The same that you use to open chests.

  2. Which plant is deer food/feed to get the key?

  3. No, it's the opposite. You don't get a golden key. It eats golden keys.

  4. I see myself wicking my hair in the future 😍

  5. She's beautiful! Are you using this as a daily driver? My Impreza crapped out on me recently and I'm in the market for a "new" car. This popped up in my area and it's taking me a lot to not go buy it right now lol. I drive a crap ton though, so I'm not sure if it's practical atm. Would eventually wanna build it into an adventure vehicle

  6. Hey man yeah it’s my DD i live this thing so much, 13k is a bit too high for the van but i as well drive a lot !! So i get u these things are great

  7. I also thought 13k (CDN) was quite pricey considering the mileage. Just came across a website that has imports for cheaper, gonna dig through that. I determined to own one!

  8. This is awesome, I've been on a Bloons TD5 kick lately and have 6 downloaded. Great job!

  9. I use a combination of Live Clean apple cider vinegar shampoo and Head and Shoulders Almond Dry Scalp every couple of weeks. I oil occasionally but don't over do it as it causes dandruff for me

  10. Trackers and sidekicks are very well known for frame rust especially around the suspension components, if you're buying in Canada it has likely seen road salt, rocker panels, foot wells, wheel wells, underneath the plastic trim are all common places for body rust. Those are pretty good vehicles if you can find one that's rust free, if you do find one that's rust free spray down the entire underside with the best rust proof coating you can, personally I like DuraBack bed liner, and Raptor liner

  11. Thanks for the insight. Will fine comb through for rust. Post does say that it's Krown rust protected, hasn't been winter driven since 2012, and has covered all year round, all pluses. Has new rocker panels too. I want it as a daily driver so hopefully with the right maintenance I can do so.

  12. I recently bought a California 95 Sidekick with 149K miles in good condition for $7200 USD. Ive spent about $2500 getting alignment, new tires, and all new fluids. The one you're looking at seems in a little better condition than mine. I think $10K USD is reasonable if there isn't anything you to work on immediately.

  13. Thanks for the reply. I'm also located in Canada so it would be about $8200 USD. I'll definitely ask about alignment.

  14. Oh man sorry this will not help you but I just got this recommended to me and this brought me back big time!

  15. It's awesome you took it over to Europe, honestly they look like such a good time to drive. I love the yellow paint job on this

  16. Look for rust when you stop by to check it out. Everywhere. Every nook and cranny, these are prone apparently. Other than that, it probably won’t run forever but if it’s low-ish miles and maintained, it’s a nice little 2 door SUV.

  17. Thank you! My current car has 283k km on it vs. this at 131k. If I even got like 80-100k km out of this, that'd be awesome

  18. Any details on where you got this amazing lighter? lol

  19. It's a shell, anyone can wear them

  20. been running fine for me. no noticeable changes in battery life

  21. My phone calls drop a lot since updating to the newest version :/

  22. Merp. This thing runs fine rn, I'd be sad to see it decline

  23. He's an awesome maker! I think I've already purchased about 4 of his pens

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