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Republicans have introduced a bill which would ban abortion nationwide. We told you this would happen. The only way to stop this is to vote democrat from city council to president. Never let a Republican anywhere near power ever again. If we won in Kansas, we can win anywhere. Register to vote. Now.

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  1. Same sex attraction is biological but to act on it is a choice. There are other ways to show love than sex. That being said it ain’t my place to judge. I love you all the same.

  2. Abortion as birth control is murder. Outside of rape, incest, health complications of the mother or the child I can’t justify it outside of just selfishness. As long as you admit it’s murder then we good.

  3. Oh go fuck yourself I know plenty of people in my life who have done. Fucking troglodyte. Just admit it

  4. Scottish rite cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire country and a complete architectural masterpiece in the way that it was designed and thought out.

  5. The mods are atheists and they want to play a role in the downfall of our faith.

  6. The mods are predominantly either Christian or theist, with just a few who are atheist.

  7. It’s not brilliant. It’s just causality functioning in a lot of very complex feedback loops. It’s just the inescapable result of the laws of physics.

  8. But really though it is brilliant. Life is complex and beautiful and the grounds of existence is to thank for that.

  9. Unrelated hunter x hunter is the greatest anime God ever allowed to be created by human hands. That’s it

  10. Correct. People sometimes confuse being critical of Christianity with belittling it. Users are allowed to be critical.

  11. Bro no offense by why are you a mod? You don’t believe our faith?

  12. Man Martin the warrior might as well be the magnum opus of the series. The whole Martin trilogy really is a cool read when read chronologically

  13. I’m just gonna say it. Only the Orthodox, Catholics, high church Protestants, and reformed actually take their faith serious. The rest are just liberals who find comfort in the Bible stories they heard when they were kids. Sad really.

  14. Who gave you the authority to call people shitty? What’s your search history look like? Doubt it’s perfect.

  15. Republicans in America are strongly against educating girls under 18 regarding sex. Republicans are strongly against giving girls under 18 access to birth control. Republicans are strongly against supporting pregnant medical cost and child support. However, Republicans are extremely against access to abortion if a woman is traumatized by the impact of being pregnant. This action is horrendous, but trapping young women into horrendous lives by shitty laws will result in horrendous action by some people. There will be a lot more behavior like this until Republicans stop being manipulative idiots.

  16. Do you consider Hunter X Hunter a children's series? Redwall should be about the same in terms of graphic content.

  17. Hunter x hunter is a seinen masquerading as a shonen. Absolutely fantastic piece of fiction btw

  18. It would probably be on par with a shonen anime in demographics ( violence on par with what you see in naruto, full metal alchemist, bleach etc.

  19. And you do not understand predators and the lengths that they will go to.

  20. It's mentioned a couple times that milk is made from greensap, although I'm not sure if it's altogether too plausible for plant sap to be a reasonable dairy substitute.

  21. I have no idea what he’s saying, but that holy fire thing is clearly just a silly low effort trick.

  22. The real OGs will remember the games at

  23. Tails of iron is a more violent game that has a mouse prince that goes on an adventure after frogs kill his father and destroy his kingdom that is a load of fun that I would recommend gave me a redwall/witcher feel with sekiro or demons souls ish game play. Idk how the redwall game plays.

  24. Bro I bought this game the day after I read your post and dude I got emotional. It is exactly what I wanted a Redwall game to be when I was a kid

  25. Man sun flash is getting so much love. Guess it’s time for me to read outcast of redwall next!

  26. Don't see why it could be a mistake! They're both good books, and you can read Brocktree later.

  27. which badger lord do you think is the best? Urthstripe is pretty interesting and I like his dynamic with his hares and I find his frustration with Mara relatable since I’m a father as well.

  28. My wife’s a pagan pretty much but she doesn’t hate my religion (I’m Eastern Orthodox) she seems to find it super fascinating and likes how it’s healthy for me. She just seems to not really care for theology and more for pseudo eastern mysticism.

  29. Wow republicanism really taken over Protestantism over the years hasn’t it lol

  30. I don’t know about this since N in his later writing amended some of the ideas in BT.

  31. That’s fair. I read him in a sort of chronological way. I like doing that because I feel you can see the evolution of the author and it adds more context to all of their writings.

  32. I think this passage from St. maximus can pretty some up how I view God and the practice of theology

  33. So the way I look at God simply is that he is the Grounds of all existence that contains all of time, space, matter, gravity, metaphysics, dimensions, potentiality, and ultimately the infinite. God’s essence can not be understood scientifically but must be experienced. (I’m an Orthodox Christian for reference) God can be seen in scientific deduction but only in a finite conceptualized manner which isn’t God in it if It’s self but merely a fractal image for the mind to understand God. So all in all what I’m saying is that you will never know if God is real if you don’t live a life actively seeking him. I’ve been studying philosophy and theology for the better half of a decade now and just recently (4 weeks ago) had a spiritual experience where I felt as if I had noetically breached my hubris and peaked into the spiritual world (speaking metaphorically of course, this experience is hard to put into language) and felt the presence of the true living God. I wept like a child. I had never felt so much simultaneously; joy, fear, pain, overwhelming love etc. So in my honest opinion if you want to know if God is real then start praying and fasting. He’ll come to you when you’re ready. Christ has Risen!

  34. Just interesting you bring them up is all. Who knows give it 20 million years and chimps could be worshipping gods and conceiving of something as abstract as the one true and living God. Really interesting thought experiment in terms of thinking of the evolution of consciousness and it’s relationship with the supernatural.

  35. Many modern apes, whales, and dolphins are self aware.

  36. No I think Hinduism understands God the Father on a much more nuanced and profound perspective and they also have a God man figure who was the incarnate God. I feel as though God works in a multitude of ways we don’t understand. That being said I think Islam is a heresy and I find Judaism lacking. So I’m Christian. But all these traditions still have wisdom that pertain to us spiritual folk trying to be better people

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