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  1. Take off, Annayum Rasoolum,North 24 Kaatham,Iruvvar,oru vadakkan veeragatha,Sadayam,Anantharam etc

  2. The one in MUBI was horrible...But no other option I guess..

  3. Is this the first time Tovino is dancing cuz I can't remember him ever dancing?

  4. I was a bit bored so I decided to go ahead and clean this image myself for you. I'm by no means a pro at cleaning, as I've only done it few times but hopefully it looks decent enough to you~

  5. Everyone keep saying it looks like Rorschach while I am here thinking he looks a lot like Cillian Murphy's scarecrow from Batman Begins

  6. Probably and abscess near your third molar. Is it swollen? Do you have a fever?

  7. I am not well versed in reading Malayalam soo can someone tell me the name of the movie in the "One everyone forgets" category for Ikka

  8. Ormakalundayirikkanam (Memories Should Be Had, 1995), directed by TV Chandran.

  9. Stressed got to be the most personal song to come out of the album, like damn shit just hits

  10. Bruh y tf is the Senju connection being mentioned now when it was never even foreshadowed or mentioned for over 200+ chapters

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