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  1. I had a dude yell at me because my son didn't have socks on when he was in the stroller and it was cold. Well he did have socks and shoes when we started the day. Unfortunately toddlers are really good at losing socks and shoes.

  2. I knew the rest of the story after the first sentence. Their socks always come off!

  3. People are always going to judge. Some people might say something. My response was always, "Okay. Thanks for sharing." I always left it at that. I never got loud or argued. If they continued to insist on something I would continue to say, "Okay. Thanks for sharing" and added nothing else. Eventually they moved on.

  4. Right. My boys had binkis until they were three. Why? Because of that wasn't in their mouths everything else was going in there and my mom would always say if it's not the binki its the thumb and you cant take a thumb away. I got so many comments about that everywhere I went , about how my kids are going to have buck teeth and aren't they too old for that ? I even had some women ( it was always women too) directly tell my kids " you shouldn't have that you're too old for that!".

  5. I'd be willing to bet that he's every bit as burnt out as you are. The difference seems to be that you're experiencing burnout with fully developed executive functioning skills and he isn't.

  6. True but he isn't dealing with my responsibilities or work loads. He works and has asked to pick up extra hours but that doesn't mean he can handle it. I do the same thing to myself. God I just hope he doesn't figure out I demolished the phone..what do I even say to him tomorrow I kind of already flipped out and launched an interrogation

  7. This really is nuts. They can’t change their routine? They can’t let her know? What was going through their minds? It’s like someone changing into pyjamas at a dinner party because that’s what they do at 10pm.

  8. They never heard of putting the babies in a stroller? Babies love walks'

  9. I'm 41- my mom always told me how I had colic and she would have to go for drives because I cried so much. Then one day she added: " I'd put you in your crib and go for a drive so I didn't have to hear the crying". I had assumed she would take ME for a drive! Nope! She left me! Alone!

  10. Well you wont know unless you try so just text her. The worst that can happen is that she rejects you but it wouldn't be rejecting you as a person it would be rejecting what you did that maybe didn't make her feel so great. So be prepared for the worst and hope for the best and text this girl

  11. It's not " lady like"? What's more lady like than emptying out your uterus every month? I mean, you're officially a lady when that start happening

  12. I hate to say it but the writing has been on the wall for a while. He face times them 3 times a day? How did you think that would play out to a healthy family dynamic?

  13. My ex bf and I lived together for two years. Every argument or fight we had, he'd be on the phone telling his mom every detail of what I said and did wrong, downplaying his part. He even had his mom call MY mom to, I dont know- tell on me? My mom literally told the woman that I'm an adult and haven't lived at home in years and she has nothing to do with it.

  14. It’s what abusers do to reestablish control. Control in the narrative of what happens and how others perceive the incident. My ex would text my mom and accuse me of cheating and try to turn my mother and sister on his side. I went to the movies with a friend of mine he didn’t believe was a girl, he showed up and made a big scene then texting my mom saying I attempted to cheat on him but sent the guy away before my ex made it in the theatre. It was a total surprise when I saw him, because, you know, you can’t use your phone at the movies.

  15. I didn't even see it as abusive at the time but it did help to control me. Before I would disagree with him I'd think about how he will argue and call his mom and talk about me, so I'd just decide to not sometimes.

  16. NTA - What you did was exposed her shitty, racist behavior in a completely non-harmful way. She outed herself by behaving the way she did. And MIL using the "she's a teenager" defense is stupid. She's legally an adult in 1 year or less. She's not going to magically change on her 18th birthday. She needs to be called out on nonsense like this, or she will never change.

  17. That is a dumb defense, nothing was done to this girl accept she got to try a different type of food and liked it!

  18. NTA. First of all, she liked it . Second of all it's not like you snuck a vegetarian meat or a Muslim sausage. She was aware what was in the dish just not where the recipe was from. What is her issue with you being Arab? She didn't marry you- her brother did and she should be happy that he is happy. I dont even see it so much as a prank. I saw my parents tell my little brother white lies about food to get him to try something to see if he liked it or not. Hopefully she learned something that day!

  19. It would be prudent to have her evaluated by a behaviorist to get their professional opinion on her temperament now that she’s bitten someone. Even though it was in an incredibly unusual circumstance, because of this experience she may be more prone to defensive behaviors in the future, so a behaviorist would be able to help assess the risk there.

  20. I personally think its typical for many dogs to attack sn intruder especially if they feel their owner is threatened.

  21. I definitely am, I’m also shocked because I’ve never seen her like that. I forget that they are all large carnivorous animals at the end of the day.*omnivorous

  22. To be honest I kind of get the shock. When my sweet timid cat snuck outside through our basement somehow, he came back with a rat in which he viciously decapitated in front of me. I was STUNNED. I just never knew he had it in him to do something so predatory and gross. It was a full torture murder for fun right in front of me.

  23. This seems like an insane overreaction considering she literally did nothing wrong. I understand that you're only 18, but Jesus. This is ridiculous.

  24. My kid is 16 and I'd think it was a joke if he told me this. This girl seems like she had some guilt over this ( she shouldn't) and he is feeding into it.

  25. I wouldn't call that promiscuous. Actually she seems like a considerate and empathetic person for even revisiting the issue and feeling bad about it.

  26. Ir seems like he may feel a discrepancy in the way he and your daughter are treated. A lot of these things are about her having privileges that he doesn't- and he's older so it's making even less sense to him.

  27. Well when a dog I was sitting did this I Initially freaked out but then just called her and ran and she chased me into the house. If you get his attention and run he will chase you! That's my only advice, as my dog took off ON leash in pursuit of another dog today, knocking me to the ground and dragging me a couple feet before he stopped.

  28. It was a routine procedure. She had a pulmonary embolism in recovery. Not predictable or preventable at all :( 1 in 4000 chance

  29. Oh no! I'd be heart broken too! Sending hugs and prayers to you!

  30. Omg I'm so sorry! That's horrible, what happened? I didn't think that was risky surgery..

  31. This sounds like neurodivergence. My almost 18 year old son with ADHD often has to be reminded he stinks and needs to shower and put on deodorant.

  32. Listen my 16 year old that has been playing football and working outside all summer needs to be told unless he's seeing his gf that day. Having a girlfriend makes him want to shower. Other than that he will even lie to me that he took one but its VERY clear he did not. I think it's a teen boy thing..

  33. Definitely not a teen boy thing. My 16 year old typical functioning child showers twice daily. Especially when he's in school. Not saying all typical functioning boys are clean and all neurodivergent boys are dirty, but it definitely doesn't only have to do with being a teenage boy. My husband was also very clean as a teen, and still does shower twice or more a day.

  34. I think dating may motivate him but if it doesn't maybe something wrong.

  35. Can you give her some excersize or distract her? Imagine if you were babysitting and the kid started missing monmy, you'd distract him with play or soothing words or getting out of the house. They are kind of like kids- distraction, bribery, excitement, it all works

  36. TIL something I didn’t want to know lol. I looked up their natural habitat and all the sightings in Ohio from 1990-2016 are all in SE OH. Based on this

  37. Even if my kid didn't think he was gay, if he told me something like that, I'd confront him anyway! It's not just a bad message because he may be gay- it's a bad hateful and wrong message regardless.

  38. I'm not my religious anymore but was raised Christian. I was under the impression that " deeply religious " people are not supposed to judge others and that anyone that believes will spared hell. The comments made dont seem " deeply religious " to me! Maybe tell your son that even in their religion that IS NOT TRUE. And maybe steer him toward a support group with gay or maybe gay children so they can support each other.

  39. That would have scarred me for LIFE had my parents took away my best friend

  40. should i also get him a elbow protector thingy just to make sure he doesn’t hurt it anymore?

  41. I got an elbow dog thing for mine, I think he had a sprain, and it was off and chewed up in two minutes flat

  42. He stated that in his bio to intentionally mislead prospective dates. He knew what he was doing. He didn't expect anyone that went there to meet him and ask a question about it. Actually, I doubt he took three courses- he probably thought about taking the courses but didn't. If he has to lie/ mislead / misrepresent himself to get a date, he's probably insecure. He seemed offended when you outed his misrepresentation too. Good thing you did, he basically lied before you even met, and he's insecure which would turn into you walking on egg shells and having to stroke his fragile ego.

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