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  1. Gorgeous photo! Do you know what kind of flows or is?

  2. Thank you! It’s a type of geranium weed in my yard

  3. Yes, it’s a Reddit thing. The photo’s color and clarity improves when you tap on it. It’s likely because Reddit wants to provide a subtle reward for tapping, which increases overall engagement in the app. It’s definitely obvious with this photo, though - more so than I’ve seen before with other photos.

  4. It doesn’t happen on just Reddit for me, I think it has more to do with not displaying at the highest resolution it will until you tap it

  5. Incredible shot. On a side note, do they call the lens an objective in English? I know it's called an objective in some other languages but translates to lens.

  6. Thank you!! In English, you have camera lenses, and then microscope objectives. I’m using a microscope objective attached to a camera using an adapter, so it’s different than what a camera lens is, but serving the same purpose.

  7. Lots of little sunspots, taken with baader solar film and a Nikon d7500 with a Nikkor 500mm lens. Composited a separate photo with a much higher exposure of the sun to get the glow. Color added in post.

  8. So good! What lenses do you use?

  9. The tiny points of this photo are from the over sharpened image. It has nothing to do with the sun itself

  10. Those points appear without any sharpening at all in the images.

  11. I saw it with the naked eye when it was fog before

  12. Aw wow! I don’t know what it’s called but the two front little…idk I know they not legs? Looks like it glows

  13. Those are pedipalps! Like tiny legs for females and for males they develop mating organs on them

  14. Oh my. That's adorable. What does it look like far away?

  15. Taken using a Nikon D7500 and a Nikkor 500mm lens with a white light filter. 100+ images stacked together and then sharpened, colors inverted and then orange tones added so it isn’t black and white. Check out all the sunspots!

  16. Lol I think your post is getting confused with some other minecraft post lol. Either way this is cool af. Wait. Did u take this? Or just process the data from NASA? Cause if u took this that's even crazier.

  17. Yeah I was like one comment might just be a spam comment or something but then there was a second one lmao, how does that even happen 🤣

  18. Are you gonna make a nether/end flag

  19. I think it is Venus.Uranus isn't visible with the naked eye.

  20. It’s not visible unless you are in a dark sky area.

  21. yeah nah that moon is added in. how do you have focus on both the front branch and on the moon? you can clearly see the fall off on the branches further back, but suddenly the moon is tack sharp.

  22. Bc I took a photo of the branches in focus and then one with the moon in focus. It’s not added in in the sense the moon wasn’t in that spot, I just combined the two.

  23. From what I understood this is because its optics and everything is made for very long distances, looking at something literally in your face is not going to go well.

  24. I think it had more to do with mars being very small in the image compared to a galaxy, not the distance if the objects

  25. I found it outside under a leaf. Springtails like this are super common, but also super small. This is underneath a single leaf, the yellow are little dots of fungus growing. The springtails are barely noticeable so I don’t think they’d be that interesting to keep. I find Vitronura giselae hete occasionally under wood, they are much larger and bright orange. I’m not sure how to culture them tho

  26. Yeah, I’m not sure how well they orange ones would do, but that would be really cool to have different unique species as clean up crews. I’m sure there are some pretty alternatives though, I doubt people have tried lots of species in terrariums. I’m attempting to culture a dark gray/blue one I found yesterday, hopefully it goes well. And more springtails pics coming soon! I love photographing them!

  27. YouTube has a lot of tutorials, as well as forums like cloudynights :)

  28. Yes! And if you look close, a lot more galaxies are there too. There is a edge on galaxy right below the left part of the colliding galaxies in the center. And then at the bright star at the bottom, there is a bunch of dots to the bottom right. That is a galaxy cluster 2.3 billion light years away!

  29. I just stalked you haha and i loveeeeeeee your work! Can you please tell me what setup you’re using for macro and is it the same camera you used for the space shots? I’m so intrigued by both the worlds haha.

  30. Haha, thank you so much!! For these photos where I’m out “in the field” I use a Nikon D7500 and a Laowa 25mm 2.5x-5x. For the extreme macro “portraits” of bugs, I use a Mitutoyo 10x microscope objective with the D7500 on a WeMacro rail. For my space shots I use an Orion ed80 telescope and a zwo 533mc pro camera. That’s for galaxies and nebulas. For planets I use a Celestron Nexstar 8se telescope and a zwo 462 camera. Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions! :)

  31. Just oneeee question - for the macro shots, i have my sisters old camera nikon d5100, could i pair it with one of these lens to get good quality shots or should i invest some money into a good camera such as yourself. I really wanna get into the hobby. Also do you have an insta art/photography page we could follow :)

  32. You should be able to get good shots with that camera! Plus if you ever upgrade the camera, as long as it’s a Nikon the lenses should still work with it (With some exceptions). For starting out though, a less “extreme” macro lens would probably be better, or researching the Raynox snap on macro lens too. It’s a much cheaper way to start out with macro without spending all the money on a dedicated lens. That way you can see if you like it and can learn about macro photography. I do have an insta! It is :)

  33. I just started to get into astrophotography My biggest hurdle is staying awake that late at night to get the shot, somehow I always fall asleep. I downloaded PhotoPills, I’m looking at getting a star tracker and intervalometer, but that seems to defeat the real purpose of actual star gazing.

  34. I don’t really star gaze, not unless there is a meteor shower. The skies here are too light polluted to see anything really without a scope, and if I have my scope out, I’m taking photo, not looking through it haha. I leave my scope outside overnight taking images and I wake up and bring it all in in the morning. I had a star tracker for about a month and returned it because I quickly learned I’d rather have a telescope and mount instead, a lot more accurate for guiding and better quality images imo. But that comes with a price tag to match. I got some nice images with the star tracker and I remember how exciting it was seeing the nebulas and galaxies with it!

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