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  1. Authority, Separation, Amazonian, On a Whim, Something More, Snap, Easy Breezy, Fantasy, Young leader, Top Shelf, Hole, Understanding, Lightbulb, Efficiency, Care, Connected, Second nature, The King

  2. It says "OR" in the description. 10 observation posts OR don't invade primitives.

  3. Jif plain and simple Bite me if you disagree

  4. I hope your ready to answer to Jod for your sins

  5. I pronounce that Gah - Oddah, and then Gee Sus

  6. Play any of the VTM games, choice of the vampire is good (historical fiction it goes from the battle of New Orleans up to around 1890 ish Remember the Maine to hell with Spain), the Vampire house on hosted games is good, the vampire reagent is also good also on hosted games, I’d also recommend The werewolves series on choice of games

  7. Not really if you guys get nuked first (European nations) we can retaliate aka Europe loses Russia loses then we lose to a Russian retaliatory strike. I’m near fort Bragg so I definitely lose

  8. China don’t seem to like y’all so I doubt it

  9. I prefer imperial but I like day month year and I use a 24 hour standard for my clocks

  10. Me a trump supporter: Liechtenstein for Europe and Liberia for Africa

  11. uss texas: and i took that personally

  12. Florida Man Bites His Brother's Penis Off After He Walks In On His Brother Having Sex With His Cousin On His Favorite Dragon Ball Z Blanket

  13. Time traveling Florida man crashes car into building 24 Dec 2004

  14. Oh nice, What'd you do? I conquered some planets, converted their people into Livestock, and then sold meat from said livestock back to the empire of Origin for my first war crime.

  15. Damn I normally happy with just displacing said pops or at worst Xenocide you took that up to ten bro

  16. This was as a Good Empire. We were just mildly perturbed at the loss of human life caused by these aliens picking a fight. So we made them pay an appropriate price. We lost an unknowable amount of engineers, soldiers, scientists when we lost those men and women. So, we took an unknowable number from them. And until that number of lost potential humans is known, their unknowable will never be known.

  17. Christ, glad I normally play peaceful till end of game just doing tech

  18. That’s kinda the chin I use for my Warband PCs

  19. My country spends the most on it's military, and there is over 300 million people instead of an ancient society with much less people.

  20. Cool same maybe we should get together and take over you can be head I’ll be your second

  21. Me who will turn 18 soon: well looks like I need a sword, come on boys we have to invade the near east again…

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