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  1. I didn't know many of us who have been around to remember the old Gotland Julessnus Loose from back in the day, but yes, I'd say your comparison is apt and proper, I agree.

  2. That's the "newer" grind. Do you remember the real old one? I think they changed in the beginning of 2009. It was closer to Grov, but none of the stickiness, so it was pretty hard to use without an icetool. You got lots of delicious tobacco bits that would fall down to nibble on.

  3. I believe so, I’ll have to dig deeper for a photo. If not, I know 100% Nash had a can of it. Well, the pre-09 Gotland Anis Loose, which I believe had the same grind

  4. I’m glad people don’t get it confused, but it’s okay if they did - Toque makes some of the best snuff around

  5. When I rewatch, I have to skip the Keamy and Alex scene. I dunno why, it's just too much (maybe because I have 3 girls)

  6. S3E01 opening, pulling back from the Others village to show it's like this legit little civilized city right there on the Island. That really got me for some reason.

  7. Get Tubi, it's free. Watch Revolution. It's a great show. Very mysterious.

  8. Loved this show mad it didn’t come back especially when they finally figured out what was causing the power to be out!

  9. The Season 3 comic was good but man this show could have went for several more seasons

  10. It was okay. Just to play in the world of Lost was fun.

  11. Lacey Evans been rebooted more times than Batman at this point 😂

  12. Yep, Big Gold just screams "WORLD CHAMP"

  13. They shouldn’t- the world champ should be the world champ.

  14. Yeah but both Fox and USA invested bank with WWE to have their own shows, so I'm sure they're going to want their own "world champion" that is exclusive to their show.

  15. Can always tell one of my photos from my reviews 😂

  16. Snubie, just stopping into this thread to scream from the mountaintops how just positively DELICIOUS your Dark Vanilla is. What an absolute delight. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect Snus. Detecting some marshmallow in there as well. Wow.

  17. Hey thank you so much! We put a LOT of work into it. You'd think just rolling out a vanilla snus would be easy but oh no, we spent months upon months on this flavor

  18. OP, it's because you're using Siberia. This is too much nicotine than anyone needs. You should switch to a normal product.

  19. I ordered a roll of wintergreen recently and i hate wintergreen

  20. You will either love it, or hate it.

  21. Artisan is described as chew bags on snusexpress is it still the same product?

  22. In the EU, chew bags are products made the same as snus, but with minor differences - the tobacco in the bag is cut instead of ground, and the material is a little thicker so they can be “chewed”

  23. Do you think they’ll discontinue some of the major snus brands? Know you’ve talked about this before

  24. Oh I’m sure they will cut a lot of products, but not like core lines or anything

  25. I’ve only ever seen a couple floating around on EBay, not sure if it’s even possible as these were a gift to West Point cadets for the Army vs. Navy game, but worth a shot

  26. I have a pair - a friend of mine at WP got me

  27. - that’s all you can get here

  28. I find 10-12mg to be the sweet spot. 8mg hits fine, 12mg hits fine, but above or below that range, not that great.

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