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  1. Because they participated in the war

  2. okay bro we get it, you have people who think about you, stop bragging already 🥲

  3. Nah trust me I don’t it’s just my class group on whatsapp and it gets like 100 pings a day (which have nothing to do with me)

  4. you can just turn off the notifications for that group and/or app

  5. Why go through a problem when you can just go around it

  6. Im pretty sure hard labour wasn’t a part of the job description

  7. Omg where can i get this? (S.t.o.p t.h.i.s i.s a S.C.A.M d.o.n.t b.u.y i.t)

  8. Red bubble = bad, green bubble = good, yellow bubble = bad

  9. No you earned 84 this time but your total is 88 so

  10. The population thing can be solved via the communist exclusive doctrine thingy. It gives you 500 weekly manpower

  11. Speaking of population i tried the scuffed 56 mod and was able to gain 3.7k weekly manpower and i managed to raise a 750k man army by 1941 (thats over twice the size of the population)

  12. Communist Luxembourg as i can only suffer 10k losses and kill like 950k germans

  13. Funny you ask, you don’t (unless if you nuke it once or as many times necessary)

  14. Luxembourg world conquest (it works if you go communist and have no step back)

  15. That’s a great encirclement for 1942

  16. Time traveler: moves chair. The timeline:

  17. Oh relax, your fine thats the how the average african continent looks like in 1940

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