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  1. DID YOU POOP ON OUR NATIONS CAPITAL? I mean did you politely defecate in a restroom in D.C.?

  2. I was driving next to an elementary school once going very slow because it was a school zone. I saw one kid give me the arm pump and his friend next to him with an oversized very heavy backpack completely oblivious. Of course I honked but it startled the other kid so bad he fell backwards and proceeded to flail around like a turtle turned upside down.

  3. Jacknife is my favorite position...and not in the sexual way

  4. the wealthy people go to expensive schools and rack up big debts on their way to becoming doctors and lawyers. Why should the lower class pay off their loans and subsidize a wealth transfer from poor to rich?

  5. Most of those "rich" you refer to have a degree bought and paid for even before they get out of diapers. The real people you are punishing is the lower class people that tried to go to school to get out of the lower class and then were not able to be gainfully employed and are now lower class with upper class debt.

  6. I worked a full-time c-store management position while attending full-time online and night time. I paid cash.

  7. Yea I dry brushed the darkest greens on top. I didn't want to go so hard on the dry brush since the scales are extra small and my brushes aren't so good atm.

  8. You're right! I see it now. I was thinking a tiny tiny bit of lighter on top but if you dont have the proper brushes then I fully understand! Fun hobby though to do on the go!

  9. I can really see the work put into this dragon boi. Great work dude. I really like the neck scales and the red on black reminds me of odagaron from monster hunter. Heres a more comparable sized model i paying for my tyranids army.

  10. That's awesome. Your basing work is much better than mine :)

  11. Anyone get a song come to their mind..."Everybody be kung fu fighting!" ???

  12. What if you made the throat an open manhole for someone to go in and out of...

  13. Galveston after 1500, gotta find SOMEWHERE to sit

  14. Been to Galveston...this is a real problem! Should we charge people to sit in the shade of our truck?

  15. Just like an overbearing girlfriend it just wants your attention and nothing more.

  16. I’m with my girlfriend; I took home time. Told my boss I’d need a bonus to stay out. Surprisingly I got the home time.

  17. Has she thought about being an owner/operator and finding your own loads?

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