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Jordan Peterson: Why I am no longer a tenured professor at the University of Toronto

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  1. Yea apparently Chris Sain stopped showing his portfolio and admitted in Dec 2021 he was down about 38% for the year of 2021. Financial Education's portfolio is being held up by TSLA if not for those gains he'd be down 10% on his principal right now.

  2. Is there anyone not losing money in their stocks right now?

  3. What in hell made you think, "Yeah I should get stock tips from someone on YouTube?"

  4. Why aren’t the Republicans freaking out over actual micro chipping verses the vaccine microchip none sense 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Sounds like there’s plenty of them in the comments from what I’m seeing

  6. I enjoyed his conversation with Russel Brand on Russels Under the Skin podcast I’d recommend checking it out if anyone hasn’t!

  7. Imagine if they taxed you on your unrealized gains (if you had any)

  8. Why can't my motivation for playing entertainment be just fun? I don't want money. I want a good story.

  9. I mean, ill take your money if it makes you happier that way, you can still play your game

  10. I'm not sure where this idea came from that you need to be paid to play video games, otherwise you aren't "properly valued for that time". It's entertainment. Why do I need to be paid to do it? Should I be expecting a payout when I read a book, watch a movie, or go for a walk?

  11. I mean.. it would be fucking sweet if that were the case

  12. How much is Elon paying you to be his friend? Does it make the hole in your heart go away when you rub his money on your nipples?

  13. How much did Bezos pay you to fight the big bad Elon for him? Did he promise you a ride in his cock rocket?

  14. Yeah right you’re in that cock rocket right now don’t lie

  15. Make sure you throw all your credit cards in the lake so they can’t trace that shit back to you

  16. The article is about Spotify creating a comprehensive disinformation policy. Nobody is "oppressing his free speech"

  17. Oops sorry I meant “people here” as the people in the comments not the article

  18. Yeah, and it still applies. Freedom of speech refers to protections from persecution by the government. "People here" can advocate for anything they want, including having guys like Rogan booted off Spotify, or whatever.

  19. Oh damn nvm then disregard my statement I was mistaken! Thanks for informing me without being a dick about it I appreciate it

  20. You know, you had a point for most of it. Financials normally get released around March and people should care. However, doctors aren't allowed to have incentives from pharmaceuticals at all, even a pen with a logo on it (reference, I sell stuff to doctors).

  21. Wasn’t aware there were dems grilling him too, which ones were they? that would put me at ease there is

  22. He asked about past and current investments, if he would be willing to disclose that.

  23. Ahhh thank you for clarifying that and giving me an actual answer. Usually people just say something about Trump or something it’s super fucking annoying.

  24. Less spread and less ill than not getting vaccinated. Still better for the individual, the community, and the (currently VERY stressed) healthcare system. Better than the "let's do nothing" you are advocating for.

  25. I dunno if the “less spread” really matters when 99% of Canada’s going to catch Omicron even though most are vaccinated.

  26. What is that, rote memorization? Like you didn't even read what you're replying to. Less spread absolutely matters to your healthcare system. Less ill should be self explanatory.

  27. You can be pro vax and have common sense, you obviously lack the latter

  28. That was the whole point to begin with. Get dumb money on AMC and off GME

  29. Cringe branding... even if the food is good I'm not going to be the asshole with "tattooed chef" in the checkout aisle

  30. I can’t afford a Tesla so Tesla’s obviously going to 0 dollars 🙄

  31. Ok, I was tired of "slammed" and other dumb buzzwords to generally mean getting a talking to, but a spit roast is a little specific... like Rand Paul got Eiffel Towered, it just doesn't work. Both of those maneuvers require a third partner.

  32. I’m getting “lie lie lie” by Serj Tankian music video vibes from it 👍

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