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Dems Worried Biden Student Loan Inaction Will Dampen Youth Turnout in Midterms

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  1. Two picks at once for Biden. Did not have that on my bingo card.

  2. Biden would just pick a far right Justice to replace him, in the "spirit of bipartisanship."

  3. Americans have short attention spans. I naively hope they’re waiting until closer to midterms.

  4. That place is a poverty-stricken shithole. I worked temporarily in the area, a number of years ago; by the looks of things, it hasn’t gotten any better.

  5. When Trump is bashing Fox you know things are messed up…

  6. And what? This comment was in response to “who votes present”…well, I answered that question. Don’t trip out, I’m no fan of this lady, nor her increasingly bizarre behavior. That being said, don’t ask a maladroit question and expect anything less in response. Fucking Reddit. Everyone is a crusader.

  7. Let’s move forward with Mayor Pete’s plans for rail revival, and also Self-driving trucks. These assholes can find another way to make a living without locking up commerce over absolutely delusional beliefs.

  8. "The six states with the highest per-capita murder rates all voted for President Trump in 2020 — as did 8 of the top 10. In Trump states, the rate was 8.20 murders per 100,000 residents. In Biden states, the rate was 5.78 murders per 100,000 residents."

  9. Rurals just send theirs to fill the military to defend us. It’s not always us vs them. Doesn’t the hate ever get tiring?

  10. Fuck him. We couldn’t elect an ethical human. Sadly, these politicians are the deacons of capitalism.

  11. Ohh goody, misogyny with a side of chauvinism on the menu. (Edit: sarcasm obviously I'm not happy about misogyny)

  12. I have sons. I talk about patriarchy all the time. It does hurt them. They aren’t like the traditional paternal controlling power hungry entitled wastes of space. They’re kind, thoughtful humans. These “incels” just continue broadcasting their lack of insight and perpetuating the misogyny and rage that built this country.

  13. Yes. They should. Lay them down, my feeble peeps. Lay them on down.

  14. Accidental Tourist with William Hurt and Geena Davis is great for anyone who hasn't seen it.

  15. His PAC is raising money for a new Trump Force One.

  16. Mine has been “processing” forever. Is this the case for a lot of us?

  17. Let's go one better and buy him a spaceship. Bound for Mars.

  18. Lol. He just took out $100 million loan to cover his other loans. The gift continues.

  19. This is what happens when religious lunatics homeschool. His brain formed this way, the neural pathways. He’s a psychopath.

  20. I’m waiting for the surge in attacks against Russians in the US. You know, like Muslims and Asian people. Wait, you say Russians are white? Ohhhhh. Nev’ mind.

  21. Aren’t we supposed to wake up? Isn’t that one of the lines the right uses all the time? “People need to wake up!” We’re woke, motherfuckers.

  22. That stupid man woman person camera bullshit sealed that he didn’t have dementia when he committed all of these crimes.

  23. Nothing would replace it because Texas doesn’t give a shit about alive children.

  24. I find your comment incredibly offensive, there are thousands of social workers in the state that are actively helping children.

  25. The agency itself is what I’m referring to. Don’t take offense. I work with badassed social workers. It’s the system and those who run it.

  26. Better rule: Don’t betray your country.

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