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Idaho’s Far Right Suffers Election Loss to 18-Year-Old Climate Activist

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  1. The Republican platform is insurrection, that should be obvious to everyone at this point.

  2. He has never responded to the house - why the F would he start now? What obligation is there?

  3. Umm, I thought the same thing about the 2016 presidential race too and look who got elected… I am in no way propping the opponent in this statement, simply pointing out that a babbling idiot who lies about everything got elected. Normally I’d be like, “no way they elect this dude”, but now I wonder…

  4. For Republicans, being an incoherent raging moron and pathological liar = "calling it like it is"/"speaking the truth."

  5. Trump is a notorious criminal and brought an unparalleled level of corruption to Washington and the government in general.

  6. And yet Americans will still vote for Republicans.

  7. There really isn’t an excuse for voters to believe in lies. We literally have every answer we could ever think of in our pockets. We have phones. We have Google. Anyone can Google “was the election stolen” and figure out within three minutes that it wasn’t. Not knowing is not an excuse

  8. Everyone should be writing to their representatives and demanding the harshest punishments available for these Republican traitors attacking our country.

  9. What are we to do when one side wants to completely cheat the system?

  10. And what have Republicans done to try to keep schoolchildren safe since this tragedy?

  11. I don’t want my tax dollars going to red states. Let them take care of themselves

  12. Federal tax dollars going to red states is directly funding terrorism. The feds need to cut this off.

  13. If Republicans want to act like terrorists then it's high time the U.S. Government treat them as such.

  14. Just another sad NYP/Republican attempt to distract from absolute criminal shitshow that is the Republican Party.

  15. This "Special Master" request came too late. The DOJ has already reviewed all of the documents. Shall we cry for Donny?

  16. Honestly, the special master request was extremely self-serving and anti-American in and of itself.

  17. Question because I am ignorant to the federal indictment process, but from what I read, the Grand Jury could decide, even in the face of the evidence collected and presented, not to indict. What is the actual process of indicting Trump and what is the likelihood of finding impartial jurors (if necessary)?

  18. Thanks for this, it’s helpful. In the case of a grand jury, could they realistically ignore evidence? For example, let’s say jurors are presented with indisputable evidence that he had confidential documents at MAL and they said “hmmm nope.” What then?

  19. My god I can’t wait to vote against this fascist so hard

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