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  1. I think the key differences are they’ll find a way to make it more palatable to the Republicans…which is what derailed it the last time. I’m all with you in focusing on infrastructure

  2. Maybe they should focus on "there will be fewer cars on the freeway slowing you down in your lifted monster truck that you use as a family sedan instead of something more practical"

  3. From the last slide/snapshot - this article makes a great point to the 'safety from the e-bike rebates'

  4. That's my favorite thing about the explosion of ebike riders. More riders!

  5. My maintenence costs have been $40 total since I bought my yukon xl denali 3 years ago with 150000 miles on it. I'm in this sub because I commute as much as possible with my bike to keep the denali parked.

  6. C'mon, one oil change is going to smoke that total. Wipers? Windshield fluid? you must be either abandoning your car in the driveway (like I do) or you're forgetting something. :D

  7. I hope someone with a ebike is doing that stuff themselves. Ebikes are high maintenance so I would hope that mechanical know how and getting used to getting dirty transfers over. I don't get why its normal for people to do no car work themselves. Imagine if we got someone else to change light bulbs or replace the locks on a door. Thats how simple some house work and electronic work is.

  8. I haven't done my own oil changes in years but I used to do them all myself. At some point it just becomes more efficient to pay somebody. Now I don't have to source the oil & filter, find time to do the change, find a place to dispose of the oil etc. but back in my lower income days I absolutely found the time.

  9. Linked in has turned into a pit. Recruiters wanting me to do their job for them, people trying to sell me shit and then random connection requests that I can't figure out. Blech.

  10. Good luck appealing to the governor of California, the most anti- of anti-gun there is. If you do go that route, don't mention the firearm angle.

  11. "The 3-D printed type pose a unique security concern because they may be undetectable by metal detectors and some X-Ray machines."

  12. "guilty until proven innocent" SMH

  13. If you live with a prohibited person you best mind your Ps and Qs is the takeaway there. Or put a lock on your door and they won't be able to search it.

  14. Do you have data to support? Genuinely curious.

  15. I think the legend of high cadence being superior came along during the Armstrong years. I tend to average 75-80 when I'm not particularly paying attention but training outside your normal comfort zone has benefits too. I'll get up to 130 if I'm really sprinting but you wont' ever catch me just riding around at 130, its exhausting.

  16. I have never once in my history of working in my current company been compelled to defend it as not a scam. 17 years of no scamming, thank you.

  17. Otterbox was never a good value, though. They've always been premium cases with a premium price tag.

  18. How is the indoor facility not long enough to run 40s? What are they doing in there? Playing duck, duck, goose?

  19. SoCal. Who the eff needs an indoor practice facility in SoCal?

  20. I suppose, or they can just wait a week. This has been a once in a lifetime rain event for the city though, not really worth planning for again in the near future.

  21. I’m an ex top .1% hun. Yes, this kind of income is reality for the tippy top earners in most companies. Just as much as it’s true that the bottom 99% lose money, it’s true that their money flows to the top and there are a tiny fraction of people making a lot of money. This is a key part of the whole system—the carrot on a string to get all the lower level people to believe it’s possible for them too. (even though for the vast, vast majority, it isn’t.)

  22. Any comment on the claim of being a 250k earner? To us normal folks that means you get paid 250k from which maybe 40% is deducted/paid in taxes. I have a sneaky suspicion that’s her top line so maybe shes making a third of that - so many of them use the same lingo.

  23. I think it's mostly a problem because you know the driver isn't looking all 3 ways. Functionally, it's not that big of a deal, its just funny that drivers do that all day in their 4,000 lb killing machine and then lose their minds if a cyclist on a 20 lb bike does it.

  24. When I'm walking I routinely see people turn right through a stop sign without even slowing down, and they only look to their left to check for oncoming cars, they never look right to check for pedestrians about to step out.

  25. Yep. That’s why it’s dangerous. Hitting somebody at 5-10 mph might not kill somebody but it might put them in the hospital for a long time.

  26. Well, that’s what the really fast guys do but I lack the skillz.

  27. question: this is really roughly textured. my inclination would be to sand the interior down to a smoother surface first. would this inclination be wrong?

  28. Most of that looks like surface debris and will probably come off when cleaned.

  29. I hope you tried sprinting on that thing because its downright hilarious.

  30. Brittany dogs are incredibly affectionate and like to be near their people all the time. If my wife is working at home they're glued to her all day, which can get annoying for video calls. Both of ours love snuggling on the couch and in bed (although we crate them at night).

  31. My comment was tongue in cheek. It seems like no matter what time of day you're awake in this town, somebody is driving somewhere.

  32. No, they're likely just trying to ban what they consider poor people transportation. Same kind of people who would fight a bus stop being added outside their building despite it being beneficial to anyone living nearby

  33. More likely they're responding to sensationalist reporting about ebike batteries lighting buildings on fire. Its reactionary and over the top.

  34. They can't enter my apartment but they will be able to see me riding it and carrying it inside after work. That's my main worry. It even says USING an ebike on the property isn't allowed!

  35. If you remove the battery it's just a bike. Stick teh battery on when you get around the corner.

  36. Will do. Thanks. I’ve got this great trainer setup and a decent bike. Seems a shame not to take advantage of virtual racing.

  37. Well, it's not IRL racing that's for sure, and the etiquette is different too, so don't be offended that everybody is a wheel sucker. Be a wheel sucker too. :)

  38. Fuck that guy - I have two white bikes. My wife has zero white bikes.

  39. Sounds like OP's deadfront broke off and was jammed in the port, requiring some creativity to remove.

  40. For the most part, LADOT is responsible for most bike infrastructure. I was pretty heavy into the bike advocacy movement around 2002-2008 and while there are minor cute bike projects, as a whole it's completely unusable unless you are a seasoned cyclist that's not afraid of traffic.