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Climate activists fill golf holes with cement after water ban exemption

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  1. News outlets have to stop reporting on this like Trump would. They make it sound like tens of thousands of people are out there. Every video I've seen up to now has 5 or 10 people. To call these rallies is absurd.

  2. **reddit politics needs to stop upvoting clickbait. We look like idiots supporting all this tabloid nonsense.

  3. It's amazing how nostalgic I am for the 360... And I grew up with the Genesis, SNES, Dreamcast, OG Xbox...

  4. No possible way to make that decision until it's launched... which is probably in February/March. I don't think a 3-5% performance difference is a reason to upgrade. Phone tech is stagnant.

  5. It's not for a 3-5% difference. It's for like 30% better battery efficiency

  6. Will that really be the case? That is an astronomical improvement...and manufacturers don't seem to care about battery life.

  7. I've been there.... And then attempted to break my S22U in half.

  8. I REALLY love ITB.... But if I could have FTL on Android, my life would be made.

  9. With my luck the island pathing* would force me onto the map where two flyers spawn every turn πŸ˜‚

  10. The only time I take "this is bullshit" screenshots is when

  11. I couldn't imagine playing the game for the first time ... especially with no friends to teach you the basics

  12. I really hate it, especially in competitive. It rewards bad positioning and punishes it at the same time.

  13. The one thing I liked from the Paramount show was the Sword Jackals. Those would be a cool enemy in the game. Maybe give them these daggers so that the player cannot use them.

  14. I'm really enjoying all the Metal Gear x vegetable jokes.

  15. You really don't know what Vel'Koz can do to a mere human.

  16. Just wish Google Maps wasn't so laggy, even on a high end phone.

  17. Is this really real? Looks too good to be real it’s like a painting

  18. No. It's heavily edited and was posted by a chronic reposter.

  19. I've heard that the game lags in LAN matches. It's a game flaw, not even server related.

  20. I still want more covenant vehicles. The Banished don't even have a ground transport vehicle like the Marauder, Revenant or Spectre.

  21. I really wish we had more phone competition again. I miss LG, HTC, and flagship Motorola devices. I just can't support the Chinese manufacturers.

  22. I'm concerned Trump still has enough wiggle room to throw somebody under the bus. Either his lawyer who claimed the documents were returned or a low-level staffer who "mistakenly" removed the classified files.

  23. God damn that's disgraceful. Let's violate laws and then condemn those laws for existing to begin with and repeal them when we're busted.

  24. To be fair, Rand has called to repeal the Espionage Act in the past, but I suppose recent events are as good a time as ever to renew.

  25. It is more about generating a news article and social media buzz than actually damaging the golf course.

  26. Truth Social. A Twitter clone that is a safe space for Trump cultists.

  27. Is that the same site that was used by the guy that tried to breach the FBI office the other day?

  28. You are correct. This is the new parler.

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