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  1. I developed Anorexia after being sexually assaulted. I wanted to disappear…..literally! How can people be so bitter and hateful on the inside. Not so inclusive as they like to believe. Anorexia Nervosa has one of the highest mortality rates out of most psychiatric disorders. I just can’t with people like her.

  2. People around the bay should have to get the same amount of hours to qualify for EI as people who live in town. My husband works in trades and the amount of people who live and travel from rural NL who request lay offs once they meet the minimum requirements is staggering. It’s as if they don’t want to work🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Tell her NO NO NO NO a thousand times if needed. IMO I feel your JNMIL mentally abused you after the birth of your first child. Put her on the no contact t lift at the hospital. If she sobs her eyes out, pitches a fit, or begins to verbally assaults you tell her in a calm but strong voice tell her you treated me horribly during my PP with my DS, it’s not going to happen again. Be firm & be proud of yourself sticking up to this horrid cruel piece of work. Be sure to tell DH your plan & make sure he steps in if loony lady starts her abuse. Sending you huge huge internet hugs from California💙

  4. Yeah.....set your boundaries NOW! No visitors until YOU are ready and settled in at your own home. Pleasr don't worry about your second birth experience. You're a nurse, you've been through this once before and you know what you doing! My first child, born by cesarean, I had trouble establishing breastfeeding. She went right to NICU as she was 31 weeks, 3#12 oz. Our second child, born a year and a half later by cesarean had meconium in her amniotic fluid. It was apparently not a big deal, as she went to the regular nursery, and was 8#12oz. She took to breastfeeding like a duck to water and nursed for 21monthes, although she had to share at 18 months on, since her brother was born then. (8#10oz). Hey, if you don't want your MIL around, then tell her you don't want her to visit until you are completely healed. If she doesn't like it, too bad. Sucks to be her.

  5. Suggestion. If DH is ok with DS staying with you, and fending off his mother, have DH FaceTime or Skype generously among families. You can stress that you do NOT want to FaceTime or Skype with your MIL because you can see her any time - this is expressly for relatives you don’t see often or are new to meet. This way you and DS can meet them, you won’t have to deal with MIL (as much or at all), and if she tries to monopolize your time, you can hang up, or tell DH to move on.

  6. I'd be inclined to keep him home. But why does LO not want to go? What does your husband think?

  7. Ever since I became pregnant my DS had become extra clingy. He’s always asking about the baby and feeling my belly when she kicks. He’s in daycare and I ended up spending a solid two weeks with him when we had Covid and another two weeks when we got hand foot and mouth. I don’t think he’s jealous of the baby, but he definitely can sense a shift in things. He wants to be involved in decorating the nursery and just generally wants to be near me more than usual. He’s got a good relationship with his dad and will go places with him if I’m working (I’m a nurse) but he does have a bit of a preference for me. He’s very firm with telling us what he likes and doesn’t like.

  8. Sounds like my MIL, no accountability. Sadly the odds of people like that changing is slim to none. I’ve been waiting for 19 years!

  9. St. John’s NL Canada, daycare costs us $165 every two weeks. It’s subsidized by the government so it’s not too expensive.

  10. It’s sounds like it’s going to be a constant battle. My husband is an only child and we had to move to another part of the province (Canadian) to have a shot of making our relationship work. My mil was very demanding of the holidays and was happy as a claim if we spent it with her. But when it came to my turn with my family, she would always try her hardest to get my DH( then BF) to spend it with her. All I can say is make sure the two of you are on the same page and have him deal with his mom. It’s not your job and you shouldn’t have to deal with it, it’s his job . I’m a nurse, so the holidays are difficult to get off. I use that as my reason for limiting travel. Also years that I’m scheduled to work on Christmas is a hard no for visitors. My mil complains about it, but I’m not hosting guests while I’m working. She knows I’m firm about it. I wish you luck!

  11. They really could of had it all! They massively overplayed their hand.

  12. My youngest daughter was undergoing experimental cancer treatment for her terminal brain tumor. She was 4 years old. We were in a foreign country. It was my birthday. My MIL posted on Facebook that she was "grieving double" and that it was harder on the grandparents than on the parents of the kids with cancer. That was the last birthday I got to have with my dauhhter.

  13. I’m so sorry you had to suffer that on top of loosing your daughter.

  14. I’m from Newfoundland, Canada and this is giving me ‘visit with Nan’ vibes. Very comforting image.❤️

  15. Oh, yes, you need to grow a backbone. Don't ever stop your husband from kicking his abusive mother out of your home. Don't ever tell him he'll regret when he does not want to talk to her. You experience the same thing your mother had to endure and you still take the abuse and smile through it? Why? So your son will experience the same thing you had to watch growing up?

  16. No , you are absolutely correct. I’m horrible when it comes to standing up for myself. I just always felt horrible guilt about being a part of the problems my DH had/ has with his mother. But it needed it straight, she’s never going to change and I know that. I’m doing my kids no favours, we’ve already set down some ground rules with the upcoming birth of our daughter.

  17. You will have to sit down and talk to your husband. Tell him you cannot do this anymore. Fighting with her is useless, she won't change how she acts. So you two have to make a choice, on how you will act moving forward.

  18. That’s what my husband worries about, what kind of lies will she tell our son. He’s very worried about how her behaviour could hurt our son in the long run.

  19. I honestly believe if they left in a more thoughtful and respectful way without trying to burn down the house of Windsor, their brand would of had more prestige. Their mistake was taking the victim route because as time went by, more and more discrepancies showed up. I really liked them in the beginning, but not now. They are everything I hate about my generation. They would of been much more respected if they publicly thanked the royal family, the institution and the UK for all of their love and support. It’s okay if royal life wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t be for most. The fact that they keep throwing grenades at the family while continuing to use their royal titles and connections make them cheap and pathetic. This reality show, because that’s what it is will destroy whatever credibility that have left.

  20. I remember hearing my aunt say years ago that Newfoundlanders dig their own graves with their forks.

  21. I was 3 days in with symptoms before I tested positive. I work in healthcare and we’re repeatedly told to just assume we have it without the test. In my opinion, rapid tests aren’t really that reliable. However, I’m sure not all employers are reasonable and might demand proof.

  22. In case anyone is interested, you can watch this on both YouTube and on the Tubi app for free. Here’s the link on YouTube:

  23. I hope he gets adopted soon! What a beauty, Siamese cats are amazing pets.

  24. Unfortunately if he sees no problem with his mother’s behaviour, he’s in no position to get married and start a family. You are going to be his wife and depending on your choice, the mother of his children. You’re going to have to think long and hard if this man is worth it, because his mother will continue to insert herself into your lives until he takes a stand. This is his job, not yours. If you’re upset, he should be upset.

  25. We live in an old house downtown and we spend about $200 a month for oil and $130 for our light bill during the cold months. Oil bill is cheeper in the warmer months.

  26. Hang curtains ( you can use 3m hooks if you don’t want to drill in the walls).

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