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On 13th March 1996, Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 pupils and one teacher, and injured 15 others, before killing himself. The British were so upset that gun laws were changed making gun owenership significantly difficult. This was the last school shooting, ever, in the UK.

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  1. I believe this was the exact scenario that led God to create femboys, I read it somewhere in the bible once.

  2. The condensation. Water finds a way into anything. Expect sparks.

  3. Water dont have no legs, stupid, how is it going to find its way into anything. This guy

  4. I got the life bar mod, from what ive seen zomboids usually have about 150 hp. No matter the weapon you swing with while hurt, you will do like 5 dmg for like 4 - 6 consecutive hits.

  5. Wait, did you not know this sub is mostly just masturbatory creative writting?

  6. Give me 3billion ill block the memory out so hard, going need therapy for the rest of my life to uncover it

  7. Give me 3 billion and Ill punch a baby in the mouth with a grin on my face bro idc

  8. Satisfying one lady is complicated enough, pleasing 3? Brothers gotta be on call 24/7 365 days a year

  9. You assume he's the only one they're all attracted to...

  10. If you press Q you can give the nearest zombie a kiss on the cheek, but dont be too greedy

  11. Why are all the managers in these posts always barely literate

  12. My 2 cents, 85% of this posts are fake, just your average anti work circle jerk creative writing

  13. Or children. They don't give even one turtle shit about them either.

  14. I am the OP. I haven't taken a shot (choice of words) at a culture that isn't even in my sphere of knowledge beyond trying a "mountain brew" last month. More chillingly, troll job? stating how my country stopping school shootings is not trolling anyone, it's a fact, same as two plus two equals four.

  15. Because this person doesnt like that it brings up a good argument against their believes bro, where do you think you are, this is, unfortunately, Reddit.

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