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  1. People really read “what opinion gets you swords to your throat” and then say “humans should have rights”

  2. Knowing Miazaki it wouldn’t surprise me if it was an Ocean of Death blight

  3. Breaking bad and elden ring. I guess Patches decided to expand his empire.

  4. Heroin. A few months after my cousin broke up with his 17 year old girlfriend she and her new boyfriend killed a dealer. Tried as adults and she’s still in prison for at least another five years.

  5. I really like these, but I fear the mobility perk may be too strong. How about ”secure a takedown to temporarily increase reload and swap weapon speed”

  6. Why do I feel so lonely in my life right after my first date with my boyfriend

  7. As long as you’ve played Titanfall you shouldn’t be getting hit lmao

  8. Nah, I played titanfall and I still die too easily. I mean, you die in titanfall as well, don’t you? And more importantly the maps are nowhere near built for the shadows. Good wall running routes are much harder to find, especially considering you need to get to someone to deal damage to them.

  9. Right? That thing takes up almost a 1/3 of the screen; maybe pay attention instead of treating your melee like a fidget spinner

  10. I’m sure if I had a $160 cosmetic I would be inspecting it as much as I can.

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