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  1. Thinking that the most expensive equipment will make them instant experts.

  2. I love that naruto is just chillin with master chief and doomslayer

  3. I'm so out of the loop with pokemon I have no idea what's actually made up here...

  4. ...and this is why I'm so hype for the new Joyo king of kings

  5. No need to wait my dude, DemonFX already makes an

  6. I was def looking at picking that up but the switches on the joyo have me very intrigued

  7. Same here. I've been wanting a big muff, but won't because of the stupid name

  8. And maybe a generational thing that I had no clue what a "muff" was until very recently

  9. been thinking about grabbing the Aquarius. any thoughts on that one? I seen you went for a standalone looper, is the function not great in the Aquarius?

  10. They definitely do Have you checked the online store recently?

  11. I mean it's literally a sub about buying video games... What else are you here looking for?

  12. Shout out for the Joyo atmosphere. Such a good and affordable reverb

  13. Plumes or Julia Both are on the front page almost every day

  14. I think beer is gross. The responses are never "oh, ok."

  15. I don't know why I get a strange joy out of seeing a $20 pedal on a board with a ~$400 one

  16. The thing in the middle is a mini pretzel if you were wondering

  17. do you have any samples of your playing? I'm dying to hear what this monster can make

  18. I think the TC hall of fame is underrated actually. I like it better than the EHX Holy Grail, Keeley Caverns, Boss reverb and other similarly priced reverbs. Especially the HoF2, with the pumping function, but even v1 has suberb sounds and is easy to dial in, plug and play. Sounds very organic to me. And it supports stereo! If you don’t need presets you can’t go wrong with it IMO.

  19. Hall of fame underrated? I see that thing on so many boards here.

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