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  1. Why would they put in any effort to save your ass?

  2. i mean i get why the Germans are pissed at spain. No matter what the score is, a team should always try to win. Thats the spirit of a world championship and that’s also the reason why Germany continued playing. It was clear Spain did not intend to score another goal so it would have only been fairgame if germany did the same thing and just let Costa Rica win. They didn’t because that would be unsportsmanlike and overall pretty shitty behaviour.

  3. Enjoy it while it lasts. Simultaneous final group games at the World Cup is a top 3 human invention.

  4. Yup, although it would be even better if all games of a group took place simultaneously (although i get why they dont). Obviously not from a viewing perspective but i dislike when a team just seems to intentionally try to get second place just so they face the easier team in Knockouts. It did not feel like Spain was trying yesterday, since they wanted to play against Morocco and knew that they were through Groups almost (RIP Minute 70-73) guaranteed

  5. Agreed. Id even go so far as to say Zoro is one of the men of all time

  6. I like the subplot that Whitebeard ate the Fruit so im just imagining him with a Mustache on top of his own mustache

  7. Don't forget that discord has all your data, for FREE. haha

  8. Oh big fucking news. Almost every single website does this and a lot of these ones still offer way less in their free version

  9. Da ich meistens keine hohen Rechnungen hab (unter 30€) runde ich meistens auf den übernächsten Euro auf. Also wenns 22,40€ sind geb ich 24€. Einfach weil mir Beträge unter einem Euro zu wenig sind. Bei höheren Beträgen geb ich ca. 10%.

  10. Macht selber a so, des einzige wo ich’s anders mach is wenns irgendwie 19,20 oder so wär und ich einen größeren Schein anbrechen müsst damiti mehr als 80 Cent Trinkgeld geben kann (i hab fast nie Münzen dabei)

  11. For me comming heavily depends on the first 5 minutes.

  12. 0% interest and no deadline to pay it off? I’ll take that debt!

  13. There is no deadline but every night Tom Nook takes something from you…

  14. To be fair, I also wasn‘t at that award show cause i was also playing dnd.

  15. Its incredibly hard to tell (at least for me) when the DM wants us to run or not.

  16. „Hey, ich war am Weihnachtsmarkt und hab Punsch getrunken, plötzlich kam ein Obdachloser an und nahm mir mein Häferl weg. Da hats mi so grissn dass ich gestolpert bin und mei Jacke an am Zaun in der Mitte vom Christkindlmarkt zerrissen hab. Jetzt wollti fragen obi den Christkindlmarkt oder den Bettler verklagen muss, bzw. zu wöcha Adresse i mei Scheiße schicken soll. Da i noch 7 Raclettebroten an da Endzeit-Scheisserei leid könntis a beiden schicken.“

  17. Wie wärs mal a Puffn mitnehmen damit man sich verteidigen kann?

  18. I war ja eh bewaffnet aber i hab die erwähnten 7 Raclettebrote halten müssen, sonst hättin eh glei mit meiner Maschinenpistole niedergemäht

  19. Also wenns die Situation ergibt hab ich natürlich kein Problem damit und es is völlig legitim…

  20. I don't think they are companions, but they also don't die. They can be resummoned after a week of downtime

  21. Depending how you flavor it, yeah they can die. Like if your patron is some god who‘s symbol is an owl, your familiar could be an owl. When the owl dies, your god just sends you another owl

  22. This meme is one of the memes that seems like it was written by a person that never played dnd and learnt everything they know from

  23. Dann muss des halt a Faktor bei da Haussuche sein wenn OP si scho anspeibt wenn sei Couch amoi a Schnitzel von da weitn gseng hot

  24. everybod who likes football is looking for it, only because Austria is not qualified doesn't mean nobody will whatch it! Its desaster what happens to workers there, but true fan will whatch it!

  25. See but what if im a true fan of football AND basic human rights?

  26. than you are real austrian listening what media say and doing it. When Migrants rape in your country its ok, but when somebody die in qatar lets boykot. Why do you dont go on street and boykot your goverment? No it is easier to sit at home an blablabla. Typical Austrian.

  27. Damn, did i hit a wound spot? What a way to out yourself as a piece of human garbage, jesus.

  28. If dragon is the son of xebec then garp really has a thing for raising the children of the worst criminals in the face of the planet

  29. Kong 40 years ago: "GARP ITS YOUR GODDAMN FAMILY AGAIN"

  30. anyone who teaches this to kids should be fired

  31. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. When you start on the right you tend to curve the, what should be, sharp corner of the five.

  32. If you don’t think Zoro would have tried to step in and try to fight Sanji you know nothing about Zoro, Luffy probably could have talked him down like he did against Bellamy but he would still be pissed. He made a whole speech about disrespecting the captain and how that should not be tolerated in the crew.

  33. No its the reverse. You dont know shit about Zoro. Zoros loyalty to Luffy is unwavering, but he knows his captain would not need nor want him to step in. Luffy is the captain, even if they are his best friends, if he cant keep his subordinates in check by himself then he failed as their leader.

  34. Probably im just stupid but i legitimately struggle with the puzzles sometimes. Not because i dont know how to solve them, but i simply dont see where I need to throw my axe. I know what im looking for but the game is (while stunning) visually confusing sometimes

  35. My dwarf fighter in the abomination vaults game I'm playing in just crit for 64 damage at level 1. I too am also enjoying my transition from 5e to pf2e

  36. Wait what? How? At level 1 assuming you have a Greatsword and Powerattack that is only 2*(2d12+4) so even if you role all 12s that is just 56 damage. If a Wizard also casts Magic Weapon on you that’s 3d12 but you’d need to roll above 9 on every dice to get that much damage. Like it is possible but that must have been extremely lucky

  37. If we raise the voting age to 21 because younger folks aren’t developed enough does that mean all student loans are void too?

  38. So what you are saying is that people above 55 shouldn’t vote because they start declining cognitively? Got it

  39. from your comment i reckon you werent around when the Tribunal was a thing right?

  40. It’s like the people who made this looked up one piece once and saw it was in the dressrossa arc, then themed the entire game after it

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