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  1. Wonder if cancelling all sport for a couple of weekends will turn people who are on the fence about the monarchy in the UK to anti Royalists. Plenty of people will have transport/hotels paid for, swapped shifts around or on the other side of the coin, be missing out on income that they may be heavily relying on.

  2. They honestly don't care if you're anti royalist or not. Fuck all you can do about them being monarchs so like it or lump it.

  3. How the fuck do people come to conclusions that someone is a top top player after 50 minutes against Zurich?

  4. Please abolish the shitstain known the UK royal family? Why are they better than me or anyone else that lives in the UK.

  5. They're better than you purely because you felt right now was an appropriate time to type this comment

  6. I think the question is what happens if Potter can't get top 4 or Chelsea fail to get out of the group stage given the financial model is predicated on those targets

  7. ... Potter gets sacked and the cycle is back at the beginning. Same as always happens at Chelsea

  8. Well yes and no. No murmurings of it but the bloke has had them playing Sean Dyche football for months.

  9. I'll have you know I love playing as Manchester Reds and my favourite player is Chris Rineldo

  10. Not to be a hater but I feel like these stats really aren't that impressive. Completing 1 out of 1 dribbles.. Wow 100%!!! The pass accuracy is worth noting but the others seem garbage.

  11. Find me the link and I will, came across this when searching for Arsenal slander against friends, will be fun to have some for my United fans too cb

  12. Build it back up just so that broke as fuck Villarreal can offer us nowhere near his value but then refuse any other move because he wants to play for Villarreal

  13. No need to farm karma from the city fans to big up our guy.

  14. You're really overestimating the number of City fans on here

  15. The fact that he will likely get a fine or ban for this is a joke. Why are referees beyond criticism when they get a decision obviously wrong?

  16. I don't think he will get a ban, you're sort of allowed to say the ref got it wrong, but you can't suggest they got it wrong on purpose (I.e cheated)

  17. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is deliberate bias as well as bribery going on in the prem. there have been some atrocious decisions since var came in. Where everyone agrees the wrong decision has been made. So either the refs are beyond incompetent or they are cheating

  18. We see these comments every time and there genuinely is no evidence for this. The truth is that the referees and VAR officials are just absolutely terrible at their jobs. They don't understand the rules as they're written, they all interpret the language differently, so we just get this constant inconsistent approach.

  19. Yeah, was a good window but relative to business done by other teams, not a window that's taken us any closer to winning anything or closing the gap on those teams. The worrying thing is that business done by others has taken them closer to us.

  20. We're nowhere near, and I doubt anyone else is in a position to give them a run anytime soon. Maybe Conte and Spurs? Arsenal with another 200 million window?

  21. Not even close. We might give them a game over 90 minutes, but across a season we are nowhere near them. We didn't sign anywhere near the quality we needed in this window to run them for a season.

  22. So it’s the equivalent of singing 9 players without selling any then. Still ridiculous

  23. Is he the €100m transfer?

  24. I think with a serious battle we can get top 4 but the chances of us doing anything of note in a domestic trophy are slim. We just don't have the quality to draw on when we rotate.

  25. This move has been a waste of time for all parties. And it's not like he was cheap either, ~30mil + a cult hero in Lamela

  26. Nowhere near 30m, let's not just start making up figures to make things seem worse. Fee was £21.5m

  27. He's going to be the first £100m defender if he keeps progressing

  28. Nice. Colwill is better than him, so he'll go to City and flop there

  29. Colwill is literally not even in the same league as Gvardiol

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