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  1. eating 100g of garlic and wasabi every day to get that good good plant protein

  2. My dish of garlic and wasabi is my favorite way to start my day!

  3. Start going somewhere else. This would be massively creepy.

  4. Wow. It seems creepier to me to be so closed off to the world that you don’t realize you’re part of people’s lives after a good while. CSRs aren’t robots.

  5. I'd rather be a decent undiscovered open mic guy my entire life than to be a successful prop comic.

  6. But would you want to be a successful unfunny racist comic?

  7. There is something terribly off-putting about Zach. I feel deeply uncomfortable every time he speaks. Nate or Ethan would’ve been better choices.

  8. Thin crust, blistered and smoky from a wood oven, with sauce made from fresh tomatoes and fresh basil, topped with mozzarella di bufala.

  9. You’re too old for this bullshit. It’s not interesting, it’s not good, it’s just stupid. Get help.

  10. god will be at your wedding! isn't that all that matters? he made you gay, he loves you. what your family thinks doesn't matter.

  11. This is a sweet notion, but OP is hurting about his earth parents, so it comes off kind of tone deaf. I know you meant well.

  12. My BF and I had been having some problems. Hadn’t had sex in a while. Finally it was a perfect fall Saturday afternoon. The warm light was coming through the windows, we’re happy, getting busy…a knock on the front door.

  13. In your world, you said it's her house too.

  14. It was not her house. We had lived together in college.

  15. Your brain is lying to you. You’re much better than it is telling you.

  16. You don’t have to DM me but just wanted to give you support.

  17. Walking with grocery bags. Tripped. Fell. My fist was gripped around the bag handle and was underneath me, so I punched the shit out of my own ribs when I hit the ground.

  18. I actually like the smell of patchouli, but in small doses. A dot here and there can be pleasant, but no quantity of the stuff will ever hide B.O.

  19. Real patchouli smells like cut grass, just beautiful. I paid a lot for a tiny sample just to experience it.

  20. I heard Korean-American girls doing this at HMart the other day and I had to stop myself from gaping at them. It was stunning.

  21. Oil a baking sheet. On it, place a butternut squash, halved and seeded, face down. A whole onion (papery layer and all), and a whole head of garlic (again, with papery covering). Bake at 400 until squash is soft.

  22. Swan Island sent me the most beautiful tubers, but they’re costly. Dahlia society sales are a great source.

  23. Huitlacoche. It is disgusting looking and delicious.

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