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Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. I actually think the King is too busy and that KCIII was given no advance notice of the trip. And the point was to catch him off-guard, and make it look like he has no time for his own son. They did this during the Jubilee. They planned a birthday party for the baby and invited family who they knew could not change their engagements to come. Then they announced that they were snubbed. The audience for this is America. They want to recapture American sympathy and are counting on Americans not knowing that the King’s schedule is set months in advance and relatively inflexible.

  2. I didn’t realize her marine arias were luring the poor seals to their gruesome deaths! Why am I left wondering if Harry missed the moral of that fairy tale?

  3. Prince Harry has always been Prince Harry. He’s got the accent to go with it- it makes sense. But Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is ridiculous and cringeworthy.

  4. Oh my bad. My partner just told me it was written around the time of the war of independence but I didn’t know the whole story. We listened to Christopher Stapleton singing it at the NFL. Gave me chills ✨

  5. Yes! They were supposed to come in the general door with the other invitees but they got there early so they went in the door just for the 3 direct in line to the throne. Then they were supposed to go in an order for the last commonwealth that was on the printed program. They got their way. William and Kate dropped out. They were supposed to follow the order of the Jubilee Thanksgiving service. They were late and missed going in with the bigger group. They came late to take the spotlight. They will not follow any protocol. They need to be told NO just once.

  6. They didn’t get half in/half out. The ultimate victory went to the queen.

  7. Renovating old homes is costly. I live in a 100 year old landmark that requires jumping through tons of hoops when we want to do anything- paint, plant etc. I’m not the least bit shocked by the amount. What I find appalling is that they did it likely knowing they planned to leave so soon.

  8. They planned to live there during they’re “half in” weeks of the “half in/half out” deal.

  9. Is she related to the Getty who is now rumored to be targeted by MM? If yes, her targeting that billionaire might be explained by revenge.

  10. Because it was teacher led, I'm guessing that is the true one. She just morphed it into a personal victory and forgot about the rest of the class.

  11. And the 1,000s of letters of protest received by the company from around the country. 🙄

  12. Does anyone else remeber when Marilu was called Lucia with a fake accent?

  13. Why would she document her surrogate baby with vernix still on her when she used a vernix baby 7 to prove she gave birth? Now we know they hand vernix surrogate babies right to the purchaser.

  14. But only if you rich. If you bust ass then they ain't got time for that

  15. Only if you’re rich, because we are bought and paid for pols.

  16. I forgot there was a third son until I started following this story. He’s pretty low key.

  17. I can’t believe any of them bother with it in an informal setting. Just at some function where being a royal matters.

  18. Honestly. I don’t think he ever was into her, it was her willingness and potential to be moulded into anything his delusions of grandeur required, no questions asked. A young, pretty, skinny little grifter who fancied herself Spanish and was desperate to marry a rich celebrity : the perfect partner for his life of arrogance and vendettas. She was chosen because of her delusional ways, not in spite . He saw her grift from day one, and multiplied it x100 times.

  19. Agree. She’s willing to do the baby bump bounce back, fake an accent, pose in her bra with kids draped on her. He overplayed his hand. Then he killed someone on set.

  20. Who still thinks he was fooled? He’s definitely all in on these lies very early on.

  21. Interesting find. Well, this explains why he went along with the Spanish madness. And that stupid “yoga” pose-of-the-day madness. And the bounce-back madness. And the baby-after-baby-after-baby madness. And the lactation porn madness. And the begging for followers.

  22. They also threw it out like trash. They obviously didn’t think they’d ever be caught. I’m also completely prochoice, but come on. If abortion really wasn’t an option, they could have left it at the fire station.

  23. It wasn’t 1962. It was 1992. Abortion was an option.

  24. Ah yes, those infamously easy to acquire Mississippi abortions.

  25. I’m sorry but that’s clinics, not availability. Harder than ten years prior. A lot easier than 30 years prior.

  26. Prince Harry is considered an idiot by everyone I know. Also, a buffoon. America loves a laughingstock.

  27. She was silly to say that. I've seen American performers do the most beautiful curtsies on stage. You may not do it for your head of state, but bowing and curtseying are not alien concepts in America.

  28. She was a dancer. Even my daughters who took cheap ballet lessons at a neighborhood studio were taught to curtesy. This gripe is as dumb as, “No one taught me the national anthem whaaagh!”

  29. I don’t know. From the Oprah interview, it didn’t seem like the titles for the children were a given. Meghan had obvious concerns that the kids weren’t going to be given titles when the King ascends to the throne and that’s why she made it seem racist.

  30. I think she expected that her children would be prince/princess from the moment they were born, no matter who was monarch. I honestly think it was an American assumption on her part, since I thought the same thing: son of a prince is a prince, right?

  31. She was out for about a month after Griftmas. Zero posts. She's posted a few times during this "break". It makes me think that the Spanish grift is the only thing that can stop her. Mainstream media had mostly forgotten her again until her English as a second language presser in front of the sewer truck. She got roasted again on that one and it seemed to calm down the thirsty a bit.

  32. Really? Because she was posting within a few weeks from Alec pulling the trigger and killing Halyna Hutchins.

  33. About a week, I believe. Shooting was 10/21, her first posts were supporting AB followed a few days later by her black widow get up on Halloween.

  34. Oh that was my first taste of the “Spanish beauty”: the black widow costumes. I was interested in the details of the Rush shooting. Imagine my surprise ending up here!

  35. Every now and then I catch myself pitying that old man…

  36. So does the naked Pilgrim she’s clinging to. Under the chemicals.

  37. This is all from memory so apologies if I'm wrong. The photographer was Abby Drucker. Same photographer as the bra photoshoot and I have to think these were taken on the same day.

  38. It’s really too bad he cares so much about acting success. He should put more value on being a great father. He really is missing what the most important job of his life is. From his public profile, he seems to value his children’s lives only when he needs them, not the other way around. “Mi vida.”

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