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  1. Tony Hawk's Underground, Twilight Princess, Mario Odyssey, Sonic Adventure DX are my picks so far. All very fun runs to watch, with great commentary (which is my biggest point towards any good GDQ run)

  2. You have to die to finish an Endless run afaik, you can easily do so by selling all your weapons (unless maybe you're doing a build that attacks without weapons)

  3. Big agree, I think people just don't appreciate the family friendly silly that GDQ has grown into. Which is valid, I love a good adult oriented space as much as the next person, but I think current GDQ is more organized and more family friendly for the purpose of self-preservation by way of planning for success. And it works! They raise millions every year. Can't call that a failure.

  4. Recently got the quippy tape with everything on it, and while i don't currently have a way to listen to it, the packaging & included stickers were nice :)

  5. My suggestion would be to join the

  6. Alright cool, thanks! I'm on US Pacific time, so European evenings are work hours for me, but I've been working on getting all ATs in the campaign and playing on servers when i see an interesting one live.

  7. The only song i really like is Blue Light, but I do really like it. Respect the project but don't listen often.

  8. No questions but i was glad to catch it live! Have really enjoyed your GDQ runs over the years, i remember one in 2014 or 15 (i think?) that was excellent (and this one was, as well!)

  9. Not sure if the source is anywhere, but sharif in the Barbie discord made barbie-bot, who posts new runs uploaded to any Barbie game from SRC into a channel automatically. Might be worth asking about it in the discord!

  10. lmao hating "it/it's" pronouns is NOT transphobic, many trans people also find the usage dehumanizing and indirectly insulting

  11. Fwiw, I'm trans, and one of my friends who is also trans uses it/its pronouns for itself, by choice. I would hope everyone agrees that using "it" to refer to someone who has not requested that is messed up and insensitive. But when someone requests that, then "it" is just like any other pronoun.

  12. Yes and emray was just speaking about how as a trans mixed race person they feel uncomfortable using those pronouns for anyone because of its historic use against mixed race people.

  13. Yeah and I definitely don't aim to speak over them on that

  14. Usually when these kinds of things are canonized in a speedrun, it's because the people running that game have agreed that the skilled portion of the run is made less enjoyable to play, watch, or both, by including whatever is being skipped or made easier.

  15. The only run I saw fast-forward used was Peggle, and that's a deliberate feature in the game. If there was another run that used emulation fast-forward, I did not see it.

  16. Ah yes, it's definitely possible that OP saw that and mistook it for external tool use.

  17. That's 2 incentives missed in a row. Are the goals out of touch?

  18. The goals are set based on their usual viewership, but they're only now at 40k viewers, whereas some GDQ events basically start with that many. I think we'll pick up speed as the event continues.

  19. SGDQ has made a ton of questionable choices over the past few years which I imagine cost them a fair bit of views. Management has been out of touch so maybe they'll finally wake up.

  20. I believe the bulk of the viewership loss is due to the earlier time in the year than past events. A lot of people are saying they didn't know the event was happening this week until seeing it on Reddit, even though they watch every one.

  21. One player needs club access, the others only need Standard. Setting up a server can be... Complicated, but it should be possible on-console via your club.

  22. Agony is more important to Lean's music as a whole, but Yellowman is what i want to listen to more often

  23. Bladee/drain gang and other underground-ish rappers (haunted mound, Wicca Phase)

  24. you just called bladee underground? I am abou to get very VIOLENT with you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. Yeah i guess i worded that poorly, i meant bladee, and separately, some underground rappers

  26. 6 Pro is excellent - it's not going to be as polished an experience as your iphone, but i think it's pretty damn close. Software is more than competent, but obviously you lose apple specific features. If you're looking to switch, I assume you already know some of the software trade offs.

  27. Olde highway 28, where the fire burns, coffintown (🔥🔥)

  28. 🎵 I know what i have to doooo and dooo itttt, I Know whatihavetoDoANDdoIttttt 🎵

  29. Yes!! I was going over the schedule for the first time with a friend and on multiple days i found myself saying "dude those last 6 games I mentioned are in a row. The whole (morning/night) is STACKED"

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