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  1. He's a cool character. A real "bad guy". But when he killed Rebecca, he made it WAY more personal than it should've been. Honestly I loved Smasher in Edgerunners. Like yeah him killing Becca and David was sad but the guy was simply doing what he was hired to do. He's a merc, they were mercs, they were in each other's way, they battled it out. Smasher was just much stronger. He even offered David to live as a construct though, a sign of respect you don't see everyday, much less from Smasher.

  2. I like him. Dude felt like an ultimate manace, unstoppable force. He wrecked everyone with zero effort while givin' zero fucks. He just went there and did his job. Can't blame him.

  3. Thats Me When i had Enough Of Negatives On Ultraman Trigger i mean Seriously These people MISUNDERSTOOD OR NOT RECHECK THE DAMN STORY EVEN THE REVIEWERS JESUS CHRIST!

  4. *Spamming Report Buttons* JUSTICE FOR ULTRAMAN TRIGGER!!!!

  5. I mean...did they *cancel* it, or is this a result of them having lost transformers?

  6. It is Controversial....dozens of my friends are already reporting this

  7. Nah trigger was below mid, saber was...aight but I wouldn't compare a 50 to 40 episode shows to 20 episode ones, more time to develop things

  8. Nah, saber is worse than Wizard, and i hate Wizard. Ghost at least has some charm to it. Saber is just a wreck. The writers dont even know what they want to do with the series.

  9. Mad? Lol Shut the fuck up and go to hell toku hater

  10. Those people should blame Hasbro for making an awful series overall instead.

  11. you mean "awesome" series? get it right next time bud

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