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  1. Why do yall care so much about who has better people lol just live your life and if you don't like something then do something about it instead of complain about it..just my 2 cents

  2. You've tried this at airports without add-ons correct? Some airport scenery is notorious for eating through all the available memory especially on an XBSS.

  3. Yeah I have made sure that I do not have any downloaded airports. I have tried at nearly 100 airports over the past few months and have the same problem every single time, so I've just given up and been flying other planes I have posted on the forums for Microsoft flight simulator and they want me to fill out the template which I did and they tell me to give them an example of an airport where it's happening at and they say that it does not happen on their end and that is it. the end of story. so I don't get an answer they just tell me that they're not seeing any issues but I am still having this issue.I guess I will try INIbuilds

  4. Oh yea, definitely had that. That's been going on for a while too. It was really bad in Rome last week and there's a spot at KPHX that has had that since I've been playing. Didn't realize it was due to photogrammetry though.

  5. Yeah dude it's been going on since the Airbus came out. there's been plenty of tickets submitted about it I've submitted a few but they always wind up saying it's solved when it in fact has not been solved. I unfortunately experience this at every single airport I try to fly the Airbus into, but try turning the photogrammetry off whenever you experience that and try again that's the only way I can fly the Airbus which kind of sucks because I do enjoy having that turned on

  6. I don't think it's specific to the A310. It was happening before it came out.

  7. Dude this is literally what it feels like when you keep getting pinched by crabs and your health is extremely low. like there ain't no way a crab can pinch me to death but video game logic makes it seem like they're stabbing the shit out of you

  8. 15 tacos for 10 bucks!?!?! I don't even know where you can get 15 tortillas for that cheap LOL

  9. Unpaid internship is kinfmd of a thing of the past. Atleast give them minimum wage

  10. I really wish the police would have just made them scatter and force them out instead of assisting them and blocking everybody else trying to get to work this city is becoming a fucking joke with all the high-rise condos and bullshit like this

  11. Seems like a lot of you guys don't like Ted's I'm in the same boat looking for a new firearm but what is so bad with ted's? Just curious

  12. Try going to a few parks that seem very moist and humid and very well shaded near freshwater like a lake

  13. 2/10 do nit recommend lol you get more toppings and more ingredients on a regular pizza.this thing was Tiny

  14. There were a few shootings later last night. Around 11:30pm. But earlier in the day was the MLK parade

  15. Yeah after everyone had a few drinks in them things kind of turned a little violent tbh

  16. I live of 31st st s and there were block parties everywhere people doing burnouts in they're cars and dirt bikes and 4wheelers everywhere all day and all night lol it was fun to sit out and watch

  17. "I live on the south side if you know what that means".

  18. I've tried to meet my neighbors both but every time I knock on their door they don't answer so I'm sorry I actually went out of my way to try to meet them I'm sorry I worded that wrong but I am a very friendly guy😊

  19. If its happening all the time its probably the same person. Get a camera that has a good view of them and find out who it is. Then when they do it again simply return it to their porch.

  20. Right if only I could figure out where people live based on a picture of their face... I understand your point but how am I supposed to figure out where they live LOL

  21. All right so after I've received multiple down votes I'm not sure why I'm just trying to figure out who's near me I mean I've tried FetLife and all that other stuff but I don't seem to get anywhere with any of that stuff so for whoever's down voting me thanks I'm just simply trying to live my life and find people who are into the same thing no harm no foul but I guess you guys don't like that

  22. I will say the only place I've seen where are the Whites seem to be somewhat synced Up is on MLK from about 1st Ave North heading south if you do about 25 to 30 mph you'll hit every Green Light they turn green right before you get to them though so if you go faster you'll speed up then stop and go immediately but if you do about 25 you can just cruise through them however that's about the only Street I've noticed in St Pete that seems to be in sync

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