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  1. She played against bots quite some time and she isn't anywhere near inting. Just not what smurfs want her to perform

  2. She said if you focus on a small pool of champs and just go with that it's not that hard. The playerbase is much more frustrating

  3. Make fear and sadness just as big Edit: Typo

  4. In all the graphics I see I wonder if people actually differenciate between Germany and Austria - Since we have similar cultures I would somehow expect nearly the same percentages

  5. For what it's worth, I was always under the impression that Austria was to Germany like Canada is to the United States. I.e. a little more relaxed and polite, with the dignified confidence of a country that knows it has a smaller geopolitical impact but really care.

  6. Couldn't have described it better

  7. Ha! I think that was a I take it that way. 😂

  8. Yeah people keep asking this question, damn sheeple can’t even think for themselves. So annoying.

  9. I’m sorry for being mean but it’s true, anyone can do a little bit of research first and decide from themselves.

  10. Yeah I did, I actually wanted to know if it's worth because prices on the 2000 series will drop and thus, what would be worth more with my current setup - And that's where I had problems. :)

  11. They played us like a damn fiddle

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