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  1. USB type a, b, and micro. They fucking suck compared to type c and lightning.

  2. When the guy who invented the USB port dies, they will slowly lower his coffin into his grave, then lift it out, and lower it in the other way.

  3. With or without guns, this protest is legal but wrong. People have no business forcing their beliefs onto parents about how to raise their own children.

  4. Do you have a source for your claim that there were death threats for yesterday’s event? None of the articles I read said that.


  6. Of course they are not. People carry firearms all the time in Ohio. Firearms are legal and they are not a death threat.

  7. Bullshit. The only reason those idiots brought rifles was to threaten to kill people.

  8. Former manager here. They will absolutely take every sick day. So fifteen sick days means 90% of your employees will now call out with zero warning fifteen times per year.

  9. Seriously folks - Can someone help a political atheist out here?

  10. You spent 15 minutes typing a message demanding that others provide you information that you could have learned yourself in 2 minutes.

  11. The world is full of gigantic problems that need serious attention.

  12. Except for a narrow range of very establishment Democrats, No one likes Pelosi. The left hates her almost as much as the right does. Same With Hillary.

  13. Lovers of our former president find fact checking repulsive, because he lied with such regularity that he required constant fact checks to distinguish his lies from reality. As a consequence, trump lovers, supporters, and toleraters learned to detest not only fact checks, but the entire concept of facts.

  14. Even the 'unbiased' fact checkers have a bias. Here's a good example from politifact

  15. Mods are the censorship problem. Their actions should be 100% transparent to the sub. If a mod bans a user, a reply should be posted automatically that details which rules were broken, and what was said to the user to ban them. Such transparency would greatly reduce the problem behaviors.

  16. Excellent news. Put your text pipe down while you're driving, you addicts.

  17. One half of all students are in the bottom 50th percentile in reading, math, and science.

  18. This post. You know exactly what you did. You could have painted "I HATE GAYS" on your forehead and it wouldn't have been any more obvious than this ridiculous post and every reply you have made.

  19. Roughly 430 people die from accidental gun use in the US a year. In a country of 330,000,000+ people I would consider that “rare”.

  20. Fewer than 10 transgender athletes are competing at the high school and college level. That was enough transgender athletes to inspire a massacre at a gay club over the weekend, and a whole spate of GOP passed state laws.

  21. The NY state AG has had his tax returns for years and The NY Times for years longer than them

  22. People living in “poverty” in the US live better than 50% of the world’s population. Our homeless have smart phones and it is basically impossible to starve to death even if you don’t have money. Even the poorest in America still enjoy luxuries like tvs, smartphones, and streaming services. But blame capitalism for the fact that the poor in our country have better lives than 99.9% of humans that have ever lived.

  23. I am on some level, yes and that’s what you get for starting it with the now completely debunked Russia scandal. You didn’t think Republicans would just let that slide did you?

  24. Literally from the cited article:

  25. That shouldn’t be in a economy sub. Ought to be in the retarded sub. Taxing billionaires just makes them chose a better jurisdiction with less taxes. Why can’t people understand it. And Musk is doing a great deal recovering freedom of speech in a soulless pit of left liberal harbour which Twitter is/was

  26. Liberals bitter they aint getting paid anymore to play foosball

  27. Elon/Twitter have high quality head hunters picking over the remains of tech layoffs and other engineers who thrive in the environment he is creating. I would have jumped at a chance to work there when I was 25-30 (no family then).

  28. Musk is making a simple, but gigantic mistake. He is assuming that because he can abuse rocket scientists -- where else will they find work? -- he can do the same to software developers.

  29. That is a very warped way to describe it, if not an outright lie.

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